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  1. You are correct. We have imported two EC135s from Australia to operate this summer (and beyond) in Western Canada and are actively recruiting talent to fly and fix them. We are excited about the prospect of operating the aircraft and hope that the marketplace shares our excitement. Cheers Walter
  2. Yes, CHL suffered a loss of aircraft this week. The AS350B2 was in the process of landing to avoid weather associated with a rapidly moving cold front and was caught by a severe rain shower that we believe essentially "pushed" the aircraft into the trees. The pilot has tons of experience on type. He and three passengers suffered what turned out to be minor injuries. The aircraft will be a total loss. We are all very relieved that both the pilot and the passengers avoided major injury. Thanks for your concern. Walter Heneghan VP, Safety & Quality Canadian Helicopters
  3. While completing a pedal turn to reposition for departure from the scene call, the aircraft cut a small fibre optic cable that was strung between a series of temporary poles alongside the highway. They had no indication they had contacted the wire, there was no change in flight characteristics enroute to their home base and they were only made aware while on final for landing. There was damage to the T/R tip cap area but no deformation or damage to the spar. Overall, minor damage and a fortunate outcome. The crew was shaken and stirred but are otherwise in good shape. Thanks for a
  4. Flapwing: Thanks for the question. This sounds like a line, but, since this is a TSB investigation, there is very little that CHL can say. As of today, there are only theories and we are waiting for Rolls Royce to run the engines and complete their analysis. Also, the TSB engineering folks are trying to retain data from the satellite tracking system as well as confirm the CVR data. This all takes time. In the meantime, we are doing a review of all aspects of our EMS operation to see if there are any glaring areas where we need improvement. We don't want to jump the gun on th
  5. Here is some more news: I have met with Greg and while he is sore, he is committed to buying that Harley this summer! He will be in hospital for a while yet, though. I haven't spoken with Mike in a few days but reports remain positive with his progress. The aircraft has been recovered and is enroute to a secure location for further analysis under the direction of the TSB. The pilots and AMEs at the Sudbury base are managing; it has been a trying few days. We took some of them out for dinner tonight and their spirits are high. Weather is interfering with bringing a back up ai
  6. Hey Steve. Good to hear from you. Send me an email with your contact coordinates. Walter
  7. Update: Sunday 1400 EST I have received permission from the pilots to release their names and medical situation: PIC: Greg Harper FO: Michael Bain Greg sustained injuries typical of a helicopter crash, with a slight concussion, several broken ribs and a collapsed lung. His prognosis is good. He is recovering in hospital in Sudbury. Michael suffered the most severe injuries with a broken back and a crushed verterbrae. After undergoing 6 hrs of surgery yesterday, he awoke this morning with full movement, was able to sit up in his hospital bed and even went for a walk do
  8. UPDATE: 0100 Sun Feb 10 The medical prognosis on the four crew members is guarded optimism. While 3 of the 4 remain in hospital, it is fair to say that the outlook is positive. Preliminary indications from statements by the crew is that the aircraft was on profile for an arrival at the pad and suffered some form of a power loss or power reduction on short final. The cause of this situation is being pursued. TSB has assumed control of the investigation and the aircraft is expected to be recovered and transported to a hangar facility for further study on Monday. Sikorsky a
  9. Here is some accurate information: The following email was sent to all EMS staff earlier this morning (Saturday): Earlier this evening at approximately 2200 hrs EST, the S76 based in Sudbury was involved in a non-fatal aircraft accident while on final approach to the Temagami - Snake Lake helipad. There were four (4) crew members on board who suffered a range of non life threatening injuries. Members of the OPP and local EMS responded very quickly to the accident, securing the site and administering emergency medical care. The four crew members have been transported to the New Lis
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