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  1. The roho works well in the mediums. A caution though, the roho does not have a cutout to allow the cyclic aft position. Cdn tire has a memory foam seat that has the cutout and works well, and within budget. if your set with the roho, search on your local facebook marketplace. New roho’s can be $500 and North of there!
  2. Very sad news indeed. About a year ago, we sat down had coffee, laughed, and traded stories, but never thought that would be the last time we would ever speak again. A true mentor to many, and great loss to the rotary community. Blues Skies Richard!
  3. Think once I faxed the FAA my request it took about 3-4 weeks, I think I received an email verification and snail mail copy of the letter. Then with the letter, I could book the CCH exam. With the exam pass, you book an appointment with a FSDO and they will verify your logbook, Cdn License, and exam results, and then grant you a temp license. this was a few years back, working with the gov’t is pretty slow process. Good Luck!
  4. You should contact a CAME for this question. Dr Adams at Springbank airport, in Calgary is an excellent reference. He is a Dr, pilot, and CAME. Look him up, contact him for advise. Good luck!
  5. Medicals are now a paper submittal, and the extension only is for persons who had medicals due after the prescribed date. PPC’s are only extended if you submitted a risk assessment to your TC POI for approval. 3 T/O and Landings are required for the 90 day limit
  6. Are you a private pilot? I ask, as these topics are covered during indoc/ annual training with an Air Operator.
  7. Total up the respirator, wiring, and mic that fit the system, your at $400 USD
  8. Haha more of like getting a sun angle off of the sextant
  9. Hey, I did my custom moulds through Costco, and sent my CEP cord away with them and got them inserted that way.
  10. The questions are mostly outdated and very random. Chances are if you dont take a prep course, you will be very confused. There is a list of formulas that you must know. PNR W&B arm changes. The W&B is on a SK61 The weather portion is a typical TC exam, but once again, the prep course will go through questions, so you know how to answer them correctly. PM me if you want further info.. Cheers, T
  11. Yes, COM is the big one, not that you must remember everything but ensure you can navigate through the COM and more so the training chapter. CARs is mostly about flight & duty ( in your COM) and section of the CARs that you operate under... 702 703??
  12. My rules to live by in Mtn Flying; My favorite Whitesnake song; ”slow and easy” think of yourself at a pool or hottub, Always dip your toe in before you jump right in..... know when your in upflow or downflow air, dont be afraid to ‘shuttle’ in loads, by that I mean if you are heavy and the LZ is not quite right, find another spot and make a couple of trips to the LZ.
  13. The C28 will start temping out when it gets warm outside, I want to say 25C. The L1 can be upgraded to the C30 engine, which makes it an L3.
  14. We now have usb power in our mediums, but I built a cord and took power from the 2 pin connector used for refueling or stobex power, and then Used a 12-24 volt cigarette usb adapter to power the iPad and phone during flight... The suction mount and X grip are awesome!!! I switched from Foreflight to Garmin Pilot, much easier to enter a lat and long on the go with Garmin...
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