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  1. T-rex

    Ipad Mounts

    We now have usb power in our mediums, but I built a cord and took power from the 2 pin connector used for refueling or stobex power, and then Used a 12-24 volt cigarette usb adapter to power the iPad and phone during flight... The suction mount and X grip are awesome!!! I switched from Foreflight to Garmin Pilot, much easier to enter a lat and long on the go with Garmin...
  2. For some reason I am not able to pm anyone on here, it states that your unable to recieve messages...
  3. Bif, any updates on your search with your FDT issue, I am curious, in the same boat here...
  4. T-rex

    recurrent - how often ?

    Normal frequency is once per year
  5. $60/ month. 10GB data most carriers offered this deal this Dec, not sure if they still are
  6. The PPC form requires a company name and TC file number. So I doubt that a foreign operator has a TC file number. The PPC is based on an Operators 'approved' Operations manual. All the initial or recurrent training stated in the Operations manual must be complete and signed off by the CP, Ops Mgr, or a Training Captain, usually documented in the pilot file. As well, the candiate will need a PPC recommend, this will allow an ACP to do a ppc.
  7. T-rex

    Cep Kit

    I run the CEP kit on my SPH 5 . No issues, other than I got custom earpieces made at Costco, sent away my CEP harness with them and they installed into the custom earpieces. The foamy earpieces they sent with the kits get dirty pretty quick.
  8. Condolences to family, friends, and employees envolved. Another sad tragedy for our helicopter community.
  9. BM 1. The CP does not need to do a PPC ride with TC, only a ride PPC ride with an ACP. This person can not be a subordinate pilot.The ACP monitor must be done with a TC inspector. 2. The 2 year PPC with a PCC done by the the 1st day of the 13 month month is gone. The PCC exemption in lieu of a PPC can still be done as long as you have the allowances in your Ops Manual.This PCC is valid for 12 months as is a PPC. The PCC can be done by an approved pilot as long as he has completed the written test and this test has been corrected by TC. 3. Company training pilots (who are ACPS) are able to do PPC on all company pilots as long as they are not the Chief Pilot or the owner. (conflict of interest) The catch is the training pilot cannot train the pilot then do the PPC on that person. (they can do both with written authorization from TC under certain curcumstances) Nothing states that the training pilot (must be a ACP) can do some of the training, then another pilot does the rest of the training and a PPC recommendation is done, Then the first training pilot (ACP) can do the PPC. The limits of the ACP authority is written in the ACP Manual. Hope this may clear up some issues.
  10. http://news.ca.msn.com/local/calgary/calgary-man-killed-in-helicopter-crash-near-slave-lake-1 Sorry and Condolences to family involved.
  11. T-rex

    Bc And Alberta Forestry Rates

    Alberta publishes what they pay for a type of aircraft. In BC, operator's submit their independent rates for aircraft types to the Ministry and they approve them.
  12. T-rex

    Longline Lengths

    Sirlandsalot; The older you get, the thicker the glasses = shorter the line. Remember on your 200 ' line in SA, you were soooooo slow that a sloth actually had time to grab your line man!
  13. T-rex

    Tax Time

    Unless yourself/family combined medical expenses are over $2000 per year, you are wasting your time. You can submit your $120 medical but you will not see anything come back.
  14. 1. What is the best part of your job? Flying, and the lifelong friends I have made in this crazy business 2. What is the worst part of your job? Time away from home and family. Saying final good byes to crew that left this earth way too soon. 3. Any regrets in choosing your career? Dont ever regret anything, Use everything you do and learn from it. 4. If someone you knew was considering getting their commercial license, would you recommend it to them? Yes, after they have a trade or an established job doing something else. That way you can afford to live while you try to make the transition into a life of flying. 5. What advice would you give to a multi-talented, low-time pilot with a couple hundred hours under his/her belt and few years' experience in the industry, potential for a family, and considering pursuing some other career instead of the glorified chopper pilot? If your bound and determined, go for it! If you have a family, its tough! Money is poor, your job might take you to less than desirable locations. Words to live by.....Put your family first!!
  15. T-rex

    Wayne Johnson - Black Swan Heli

    Good luck Wayne and Linda. My days spent with Wayne, back in my CHL days in High Level. To a speedy recovery and then back in the saddle. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Troy B.