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  1. Write it up using Word, then copy and paste
  2. You made $600,000 as a line pilot?
  3. The iPad mini with Foreflight works great for ferry flights, crappy weather, holding current CFS, canadian and US charts, etc. However I found it was not as user friendly (unwieldy?) when working in a smaller area with multiple drop points, drill job and moving geos for example. If you are working only in canada and don't mind paper charts I would say get the 296. Of course, an iPad mini is also smaller and lighter than a CFS and a bag full of maps for western Canada....
  4. You can get the bad elf, or other brand external gps as well. Picks up satellites quickly and I've never experiences a loss of reception even when the air craft's gps lost signal. Only downfall is that it is another device to keep charged...
  5. Thanks for the responses. Good to hear of some options!
  6. Have any of you AMEs out there done a trade equivalency assessment (or some form of challenge) to apply your aircraft maintenance experience towards another trade? I'm thinking stationary or power engineer, heavy equipment, or millwright.... Any tips would be appreciated!
  7. One difference I see is that I will not fly around in a twin for FREE just to get experience....
  8. The policy letter was cancelled in 2011, I believe? If a person was logging only air time in their personal logbook, for the period the letter was in effect, they willingly shot themselves in the foot, ICAO or not.
  9. What a crass way to place a question, especially since you did not know the outcome. I'm surprised you didn't use emoticons.
  10. If you leave the ram mount on for a long time in the heat they will actually warp the window. Score another vote for ipad mini with foreflight. Indispensable when I used it in the USA.
  11. http://www.vancouversun.com/news/national/Helicopter+pilots+theyre+shut+jobs+temporary+foreign/9792201/story.html#ixzz30Peta7HA
  12. http://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2012/a12p0079/a12p0079.asp Copy and Put in browser window if google doesn't work. It is a small business and I'm sure the three of them have had an impact on a lot of us. RIP.
  13. Baja Guy, Do you have a reference for this? I'd love to avoid having to write an extra test!
  14. I posted it due to the common trait that we, as Canadians, tend to forget what initiatives are being put forth in our industry.
  15. The General Policy Letter was in effect for 2005 to 2011, so any licences issued during that period(and hours logged) following those definitions would have to be grandfathered. Now what about the people who only logged "air time" and exceeded the flight duty restrictions?
  16. HV, Spelt is actually a wheat substitute for people with gluten intolerances, etc....
  17. I'm pretty sure, as long as you are "working toward" your commercial licence, you can write off the private licence as education. The fixed wing guys do it all the time so they can add night and instrument ratings under the commercial blanket....
  18. http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/standards/general-policyletters-gapl0502-3401.htm
  19. Don't know if this is current but I'm sure you used to be able to apply for a permit to carry a sidearm as a commercial bush pilot. I doubt it would be worth all the hassle, though. Shotguns are way more practical for defence and survival IMO.
  20. This week I had the distinct pleasure of attending a presentation by Capt. Ray Wiss, a military physician. The presentation was eye-opening and informative to say the least. First off, what we are doing is not even in the same league as what the Russians did. You can do you own research but the estimated Afghan deaths from that saga were 1-2 million. We are not occupying the country, we are training and employing the citizens to police themselves. If you believe that it is a worthless mission that is your perogative as a taxpayer, however I would ask you to first consider the realities of life for the average citizen over there. The Taliban are murdering people, and their families, just for being friendly to coalition troops. It's no wonder people aren't falling all over themselves to publicly support the coalition troops. Especially considering the perceived risk of abandonment (as evidenced by the U.S. in Iraq, and Canada's definitive timeline for withdrawal) is probably weighing heavily on their minds. I can agree the that the premise for starting the war is not completely clear and we are left with the cards which we were dealt. Or more accurately, the cards we dealt to ourselves. However if you believe that we aren't doing anything and Afghanistan was better off before we got there then I ask that you further research the benefits the MOST of the country is presently enjoying, including the increase in number of people who are currently being educated, most notably the number of women. As a Canadian I would rather stay the course and make a difference than to waste 154 Canadian lives for nothing. If anyone is interested: http://www.thesudburystar.com/genSearch1.aspx?cid=5190&cname=Afghanistan+diaries+of+a+medic
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