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  1. So was the gear actually stolen for sure? I'd hate to assume and then be wrong in the end. However, if in fact it was taken; Karma has the most interesting ways of paying one back for such retarded actions. I wish no harm on this person, but a swift boot in the a** would be fitting! Everybody fly safe...
  2. gallet 50, i got the 250 and if I had to do it again I would go with the 50. Take er easy
  3. WTF, Every machine in our company is foam capable.
  4. Hey Newt, Good on ya, I think overall you guys run a pretty good show. Because you guys and gals are "public servants" you are under a major microscope of a vast variety of ideas and opinions on how you do business. I think the 61 idea last summer was a great stab at new ways to do initial attack. I personally think it was too much helicopter for the job. Perhaps a Bell medium with two three person crews would be another idea. A little smaller footprint in the woods, and maybe a little easier to find fuel in remote sites, but still packs a punch for water delivery. I think BCFS is gradually swinging more towards larger intermediates (B2 407) that are more capable for intital attack. Although more expensive, I still think you're ahead in range to targets and overall capability to suppress fire. Foam...where do YOU stand on it? I think it helps, and if it means me getting the job over another machine, I'll use it everytime. BUT, that stuff is brutally corrosive and messy. It's no fun trying to get your bucket back inside the medium after using foam, doesn't matter how well you rinse it. Not so bad if one has a basket though. Like I say, you have a big ship there, and a small rudder. Takes a long time for thngs to change sometimes. All the power to you, and great idea! P
  5. Who is this guy? Sling, no disrespect dude....But man o man, not much outta bounds for you, eh? Lots of these people would get you out of a pinch if needed in your career, including the Vertol pilot you like. Take er easy, heffe.
  6. Ever been 90' up in a fir tree? Or hung on to an 066 with a 36'' bar for 6.5 hrs? I don't know. Every job out there to do with logging is hard, and an art all at the same time. Good on those boys to go on national t.v. and show their skills. I even saw an engineer one time lockwire the fuel nozzles on a 212 in the dark, when it was raining, left handed with no lockwire pliers...
  7. I've worked with every one of the loggers in that show, and met all the pilots. I was flying the jetranger that landed on the pad. I have to say, the possibilities and ideas that were hashed out every night around the dinner table between the crew and the loggers' about what shot would be the best and what angles would be most dramatic and accurrate, were endless. It was really easy to make the project all about the show and not about actually getting the wood on the ground. Some of the camera men were the guys that filmed "The Deadliest Catch". I was pretty impressed with their ability to adapt to this situation and run with it. Good on Gord Closson to entertain a portrail of logging on BC's westcoast. The camera crews new very little about helicopters and their capabilities, so I thought in the end, they did a good job with the footage. I don't know, anybody think they could sell a show about our business? What would it look like? PS. Really cool to see some of the local talent on national TV. We do some neat stuff out here.
  8. Merry christmas Paul


  9. I don't necessarily agree with the 4-6 week tours( and longer for that matter), but there is something to be said about remembering our history as an industry. I've only got about 10 years in now, but some of my most valuable lessons have come from the old dogs, and the best way I've found to get a seasoned engineer or pilot to give up the tricks of the trade is to spend the hours hanging around the heli in the evening, to put the time in the hangar, and yes listen to some of the old stories! (ecspecially when a few of the boys get together!) We've brought some 100hr guys up from scratch lately and they've proven to be outstanding, but I think it's imperative to remember our roots and how we got here from the experiences from the guys before us. Here's to all the old school's out there, may you always have a low timer to run and get the ladder! You gotta put the time in! my 2 bits...
  10. The trick is, get the same money but fly a third less hours...
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