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  1. Doesn’t surprise me there are now shortages.  Many have left through attrition as well as changed careers midstream.

    I have been an AME in this industry for 39 years now, having been employed in commercial, corporate, as well as government. I’m semi retired now, and enjoyed it for the most part, due to the passion we all have for this industry.

    It’s sad to see the commercial helicopter industry hasn’t changed much and won’t change, until we as professionals refuse to work under these same conditions that have been around since the 80’s. Companies continue to under bid each other and try to make it throughout the year, partially on the backs of its professional pilots and engineers.





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  2. BTW. There will be several openings across Canada in the near future due to a shortage of AME’s created by attrition and retirement.  Any interested should make sure their resume is up to date and current on the government site.  New 429’s  and 412’s to work on, complete with factory courses for successful candidates.

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  3. In most of my recent inquiries to various different companies doing various work, looks like $375-$475/day + $50-$80 flt hr. Rate depends on experience and on Heavies, crew chief or 2nd.

    Rotation is mostly equal time, on/off or whatever your able to negotiate.


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