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  1. are you sure the morotorium off of BC still stands? there was a ship based rig parked in vic harbour about 2 months ago, and rumour has it that they were punching exploritory wells up between the charlottes and van isl (cant remember the location exactly). i was told the morotorium had expired, but that could all be bad info. i did see the rig though... Maybe they should hold off deep water drilling untill there is a reliable way to snub a well at depth, drilling a relief simply isnt adequate... and is it fair to say "not on my coast, do it in someone else's backyrad," (although i
  2. i spent 3/4 of my dual time in stitches with my instructors. i think that being able to smile and be "light" even in tense situations really helped build confidence and a comfortable learning environment. not sure what those qualities would be, but put simply, if you're instructor is the type of person that you really enjoy spending time with on the ground as well as the in the air that sure helps! i would like to think i made some good friends while i learned
  3. maybe i should skip the dinner beers before posting on an internet forum...
  4. soooo, this sounds like the exact debate i was having with myself a few months ago. glad someone else asked it first i was wondering a few things though. they show pictures of astars and other aircraft in the hangers at the northern lights college, (this may be dumb) do they fly them aswell? or are these machines there specifically to be disasembled and reassembled? say if we were doing blade tracking, (or any number of things that i dont even know about) would we be alowed to start up the machine and log some of the run time? hmm, that might not make sense... whatever, you know what im
  5. but the 206 is SOOO much fun! im smilling here just thinking about my 5.1 hrs it it. if i could have afforded to do all the training in it i would have (mmmaybe not, solo flights in a 22 as a 125lb pilot with 20g fuel were pretty high on the fun factor ). but looking back, i would like to have come out of training with a 44 endorsement aswell. better start saving my pennies i guess. But dont listen to me, im a 100 hr guy that exhausted ALL of my funds on training, and am now waiting for a tax return to start my road trip. That i should have planned better.
  6. well, i'll stop throwing fuel to the fire then... i just remember a few conversations with these activists, and them bragging of spiking trees. having familly in the logging industry, i formed some negative opinions of these activists. i guess my feelings should be directed at extremists of any branch, be it government, religious, or environmentalist.
  7. haha, well im no demolitions expert... but i can imagine the conversations with all them hippies "so what do you do when you're not on the boat?" me:"drill for oil. " hippies:" ". i swear they think their boats run on good intentions.
  8. haha, i sent a resume to seasheaperd (volunteer whale vigilante group)... does that mean im lowering the bar? ps, no i wont be going to work for them... but they did respond. guess they need pilots for this upcoming season. go lowtimers go! save the whales! leave me the jobs here!.. i mean, i'll watch your jobs for you!
  9. one more vote for training with Bob and AB. And yes, being a lowtimer this season is not looking good so far. At least all the people ive met so far have been really nice, and sympathetic to my cause. But ya, coast was a great experience, i would say worth it even if i never do manage to scrounge up a job in the industry... not that i would ever stop trying. my $0.02
  10. so this may be the wrong place to be asking this question, but given the incident involved it might be appropriate... i have very limited engineering/design/mechanical smarts (so i expect a quick "duh" response from smart engineers ) but i find myself wondering if it would be possible to put some kind of freewheeling unit on the rotor mas itself, effectively keeping it seperate from the MGB? i guess it would need another swashplate, which would be added complexity/weight, and it would probably be less durable, and im sure it would need some interesting bearing system to be able to spin freel
  11. i'll flip barrels for ya! im cheap, minimal weight, and eat virtually nothing. not to mention great company for the trips too and from said barrels! will travel faster then fedex.
  12. im pretty new to this, but cant you just explain it this way : i like to wear a helmet because it has 2 visors that make flying into the sun a lot easier, and sunglasses and a headset dont cut it. not to mention, in case of a forced approach the pilot doesnt have the option of putting his head between his legs in the standard "crash" position. haha, you could give the pax the option, say "you can have my helmet, but if we start to go down im getting into the fetal position!" i havent purchased a helmet yet, but as soon as i land a job that will have me flying, thats the first thing on my wish
  13. are there any particularily dusty hangers out there at the moment? i just did my little tour of vancouver island, and got the expected response ("new pilot? im so sorry man. Dont get dicouraged"), now im heading east for the oil powered companies, hope they havent been hit as hard as forestry reliant operators. any suggestions? (i have a plan, but any advice is always appreciated). Thanks!
  14. my camp isnt a heli camp (drilling camp instead) and ours has been dry the whole 3 years ive been there. the leadership starts from the top (push doesnt drink) and he has a zero tolerance policy . some people sneak it, but usually wind up performing less and get run off anyway. Im not sure how long your tours are, but ive done 45 days in camp (working 12hr shifts everyday) with not a single drink, i figure thats pretty good for a 22 yr old roughneck. That being said i barely remember my week off after that, but still my personal thought is keep off the hooch for the time in camp, because you'r
  15. i dont know too much about the flying part, but it seems that in everything you will do there will be advantages and disadvantages to being young/old... capitilize on what you have going for you, focus energy on what you lack. thats the way i look at things, at the end of the day its still a machine to be operated be people no? Have fun too.
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