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  1. Ive never had to deal with steel until this summer and its been difficult. Lol especially when your simply carrying them around and not actually using them. lol So with the Pros and cons for steel to Spectra for simply carrying them around i would say go with steel..... Ya gotta stay in shape some how.
  2. Ive had to deal with Emergco vary many times over the past 5 years and have had nothing but good service. All you need to do is call then directly and talk to their tech's. And yes as for the prices you may be able to find the prices on line but also i just got quotes for a couple of 120' lines and hooks. Just give them a call and they will help you out.
  3. No I don't think there should be a "law" for how tall you need to be to fly. But ....maybe Just like the 206 minimum font seat weight there should be a minimum height for each aircraft that the manufacturers put in place. I don't see how there could ever be a law put in place that would blanket the hole industry.
  4. Hello everyone.. I have been reading the conversations that have been going on since Brian has Posted his letter. I have actually been up to date with the hole story since it started through sources that are vary reliable. So 1st off I would like to say is read Mark 12:28-31. Brian I have never heard anything except that you are one of the Best straight up guys around and that you know the legal side of things and political side of things more then most in HAC. I know a man that stood up in Calgary this last week at HAC and challenged the Board by asking them what information they based their decision to dismiss you .. They quickly said that they couldn't talk about it and that it. The reason this man asked this was because he said that, " How can I as a member of the HAC agree to their decisions when they won't tell us what they base their decisions on??" You see at the end of a meeting with all the members of HAC and the Board it's self they say " Now would someone please 2nd the motion for all the ratifications of the last years decisions be agreed on." Something like that which pretty much means ( does everyone agree that we made the right decisions in the last year? They are supposed to ask if anyone want's to discuss this or not, but I guess they forgot. So this man from the beginning of the story had to Yell from the BACK of the hall and ask if they could discuss this motion before it was passed. After he was don asking all the questions and got NO answers he stepped down and the motion was passed like he never said a thing... So From everything I’ve heard and witnessed on this page I have come to a conclusion. Most people who post about this subject don’t have a clue to what's going on. The real reason for the dismissal is not known and was not given to you . It Doesn't matter who you work for or what you do being dismissed without just cause is illegal and the board well pay. I wish you all the best Brian and am sure we well meet one one day.. God Bless iceman88
  5. If you have no worries about money and want the best training ( in my opinion) then you should call up Canadian Helicopters in Penticton B.C. They are an advanced training base which give mountain course to many countries military. But they also do CPL on special occasion.
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