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  1. I would be completely comfortable with having to fully document my identity to the forum administrators. Allowing me to have a relatively anonymous user name means that I can post personal opinions and not have them confused with any organizational/occupational restrictions I may have to follow. For some, this is a serious concern.
  2. You have mentioned the obvious ideas; costs, tests to get the initial licence and to convert to a European licence. An even more important thing is the quality of the instruction and primarily the experience of the instructor. If at all possible get your training from an instructor with lots of operational experience. Avoid schools that use low-time instructors trying to log time to get a "real" job.
  3. Where do you find dedicated news helicopters in Manitoba with 100 hr pilots?
  4. If you look here - https://www.ksvadvisory.com/insolvency-cases/case/great-slave-helicopters you will see that this looks like the last stages of the GSH insolvency process started in 2018.
  5. One of the reasons that Canadian helicopter schools get a lot of foreign students is the long and well deserved reputation they have for having highly experienced instructors. This differentiates Canada from many other countries that have low-time pilots instructing with little or no actual experience in operational environments.
  6. You are dealing with a 13 year old thread......
  7. And not start until all the fire fighters have finished their CRM training.
  8. Another aspect of this issue is regarding the 18 month timeline. In section 5.1 of AC 700-042 there is the statement that "Operators (702, 703 and 704) have 18 months from the date of publication of the official Standard to implement CRM training." The standard is not yet in force. This will happen effective 2019/01/31. As per this information: https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/regserv/cars/list-amendments-standards-not-yet-force.html (last modified: 2018-04-03) So how can the publication of an Advisory Circular that speaks to a standard that is not official until J
  9. Considering that only subpart 703 Air Taxi applies to passenger transport and that there are no 'passengers' on subpart 702 Aerial Work flights; only persons involved in the aerial work are to be on board, then it follows that they too fall under the CRM training requirement. Yup - a big can of worms...........
  10. https://thestarphoenix.com/news/saskatchewan/helicopter-crash-sends-pilot-to-saskatoon-hospital
  11. About 20 years ago I did some instructor refresher training and a study was quoted that had been done a few years before that, It followed up a large number of people who had been issued helicopter licenses. It identified that approximately 1/3 of the group never got a job, 1/3 of them lasted less than 5 years and got out and only 1/3 were working as pilots more than five years later. Wonder what a similar study would show for the last decade.
  12. When I'm stirring up ####, I'm never looking from the bottom up.......
  13. That is a great summary of inspection points. The table on the webpage that NCR posted addresses the one point that I am focused on - the table seems to indicate that once the helmet is 12 years old it needs complete replacement. This implies that Gentex says your helmet will not meet spec after 12 years of regular usage. Anybody seen similar documents from other helmet manufacturers?
  14. Is there a serviceability life for flight helmets?
  15. I love lever guns and own them but I still like a pump for the scenarios we are talking about. I also own and shoot revolvers. I like the story where the oldtimer was listening to a friend talk about a gunfight. He asked why he was using a pistol and the reply was, "I was just trying to get back to where I dropped my rifle." John Wayne in a cowboy bar-fight - revolver maybe. I'm more like the crusty old sheriff with his trusty coach gun!
  16. When I was flying in black bear country I had a Savage 24 20ga/.22 over/under takedown that fit nicely inside my bedroll. I had both slugs and shot shells for the 20ga. When I was in polar/grizzly bear country it was a Remington 870 12ga with a folding stock that also fit inside my bedroll. Also had shot and slugs for it. Either way I never advertised I had it with me in case it might upset some people.
  17. Are people not noticing this problem was posted 13 years ago?
  18. The one specific procedure that concerns some fire agencies is getting in and out of the helicopter front seat during hover deplane/emplane ops. With the duals in they are climbing over the collective while the pilot is flying.
  19. Who has an opinion on the practice of leaving dual controls in the machine and putting passengers in that seat? I've heard various opinions from "It's not legal unless the person has a pilot's license or is a student with an instructor." to "No problem!".
  20. RIP. Known Ralph since the eighties and worked beside his 58's many times. Does anyone know about funeral or memorial service? I understand his ashes are on their way to Canada?
  21. http://www.9news.com/story/news/investigations/2015/11/12/flight-for-life-helicopter-crash-frisco-colorado/75682782/ Any thoughts?
  22. Go to meetings, speak LOUDLY, respectfully, and positively about the solutions to problems and how you are willing to work with others at making things better. You will be heard, joined by others and we will progress.
  23. I'm not sure how you can say that HAC isn't relevant. They are well respected by other aviation association and are active in dealing with Transport Canada issues. In addition to having operator members that operate 80% of the Canadian helicopter fleet there are another 130+ Associate members from the industry as a whole. To put this in perspective. My brother-in-law is a Professor Emeritus from a business college at a large Canadian university. He has been involved with a number of Canadian professional and industry associations. I asked him if he knew of any trade or industry organi
  24. How do you address the the need to harness a person in the back when they are expected to work with the doors off? For operations like dropping fire-hose or camera-work. Does anybody know of standards for safety harnesses and whether attaching them to a seatbelt hardpoint is acceptable?
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