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  1. The Bad Elf accessory makes the GPS work a little better in the 3G model and adds a GPS function to non-3G (wifi only)models which don't have a built-in GPS. The Bad Elf connects right into the ipad so if you want to place it in a spot with a clear view of the sky, you have to place the whole ipad there as well, or use an extension cable. There are GPS accessories that are wireless so you can place the unit somewhere with a view of the sky and the ipad somewhere else, ie on your lap or a mount somewhere closer to the pilot. Here ia an example of a wireless one: http://xgps150.dualav.com/
  2. You do not have to subscribe to a 3G plan to use the GPS in the 3G model. No data charges.
  3. I've heard that the 250 is narrower but taller while the 350 is not as tall but wider (see pic in above post). I've also heard the 350 is more substantial, therefore heavier. The chin strap on the 350 has a cup that goes right on the chin whereas the 250 strap goes under the chin. The 250 needs tools to change the visors while the 350 does not. I've heard from one of the suppliers that the 350 takes some getting used to. I was actually going to order one but decided to go with the 250 instead.
  4. You need to buy the iPad 3G model if you want a GPS because it has a real GPS built into it, but you don't need to sign up for 3G service if you don't want to because the GPS function works without it.
  5. Does anyone here know the going dry lease rate for an EC130? I know there aren't very many of them here in Canada, so maybe the lease rate for a Astar B2 or B3 would be similiar? What are the lease rates on those? Any information on how helicopter leases in general are structured would be greatly appreciated as well.
  6. It looks like I found an online ground school: http://acceleratedaviation.com/website/ogs.html They told me: "If your flying school approves of you completing some or all of your mandatory ground school hours via self study (for example, using our self study course texts or completing our online ground school) then, provided this is acceptable to your flying school, it will meet Transport Canada standards. We suggest that you contact the CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) at whichever flying school you will be utilizing and ask them whether you can apply self study using the "Culhan
  7. So as long as a CFI certifies it, I would be able to do it on my own then just write the exam somewhere and that`s it for ground school?
  8. I think if, like most distance learning courses, you included some help over the phone when a student gets stuck, you would have a winner.
  9. Do most ground schools take that long to complete are are there more condensed ground school courses out there?
  10. I can't leave home for months at a time to get my license as I have a business here that I need to watch over. If there was a school somewhere in B.C. or Alberta that did a solid two weeks of ground school, I could probably do that. Are there schools out there that do that? I thought they taught ground school in little dribs and drabs over a longer period of time. If anyone knows of a school in B.C. or Alberta that is reasonable and teaches ground school full time, all at once, please let me know, The other option is to do all my training (ground school and flying) in the next town
  11. Yes, the local school wants over $20,000. for ground school. It's probably because it's one-on one training, they're a very elite school, and they don't normally do much ab initio training.
  12. Ok, well the local helicopter school's ground school is still 20x the price of other helicopter ground schools that I've looked into, and even if it is worth that much more, I cannot afford it. So does anyone know of an accredited distance learning or online helicopter ground school course?
  13. Thank you for your response Jam. Just to be a little more clear, I have no interest in getting my fixed wing license, or reducing my helicopter flight hours. I'm just trying to find a more affordable ground school option as where I live the helicopter ground school is, believe it or not, over 50x the cost of fixed wing ground school.
  14. Hello Everyone, Where I live (in Canada) the closest helicopter ground school is very expensive, but the local fixed wing ground school is very reasonable. I'm trying to get my costs down so I can afford to get my PPL Helicopter license, so my question is, are the two ground schools basically the same? If I do the fixed wing one, does it count towards my PPL helicopter license? If it is a little different, can I do the fixed wing one then just learn the stuff specific to a helicopter myself? My other question is, can I do my ground school online somewhere or self-teach with textbooks
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