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  1. I am pretty sure it does. I had to pull a few out and of course they are glued in so well they broke, just to meet the requirements of the stc. Of course, it might be hard to see the seal in the pic, that area is pretty dark. There should be a placard in each corner though.

    As for pax in the medium, I have turned the 4 man seat to face forward, that way the seat holds stuff behind it in addition to the net. The pax still has access out through the front doors.

  2. well, I too have never seen or heard of the shear point used (thankfully), nor had any of the teachers on my course 10 years ago, but I would think the torque loading from a blade to ground impact would be a lot different than a mgb seizure. (note: I am not a a/c designer, but have a small knowledge of physics). When a rotor hits the gound the torque loading would be transmitted to the "whole" aircraft structure, causing it to "flop all over the place", whereas in a transmission seizure, all that torque would be transmitted down through the mast into the weakest point (shear grove, if equiped). If you think of a treading tap, where does it usually break when it jambs, usually where the cutting flutes start, leaving you holding the thicker shank in the holder.

    Now, that being said, Eurocopter has removed this feature from the 4 contact roller bearing mast assys, so they must have thought it was no longer neccesary (or thought having a mast shear point would scare customers away)

  3. So here is your quick "duh" responce ;) : Astars, the models with the roller bearing mast, actually have a shear point just below the bearings and above the epiclyclic drive (planetary gears) for this reason. The lower drive portion of the transmission could fail (say from lack of oil) and the inertia of the rotor system would shear at this area allowing autorotation to the ground. The newer roller bearing masts that are in Astars now do not have this feature, (guess Eurocopter does not think it necessary). Eurocopter put both upper and lower mast support bearings above the drive gearing making this possible.

    Most other helicopters manufacturers have the mast support bearings above and below the rotor drive gearing.

  4. I have used a Pelican 1610 for a few years. They are great but not cheap, but how many metal boxes is the airlines going to break. This model has the wheels and handle to drag it around and it does not look like a tool box. Look around for the best prices, but do not go to a camping/outdoor store for them, they jack up the price considerably. Webber Supply has good pricing, they are all across canada.

  5. Try Kawak Aviation technologies, they have a pump that works great with that setup. The last company I was with used them with the Conair 85 tank like the one in your pic.


    Kawak Aviation Technologies, Inc.

    373 S.E. Bridgeford Blvd.

    Bend, Oregon U.S.A. 97702

  6. They work great, our 407, the year before we installed it went from a +20 eng to a barely passing engine in one season in the arctic. After installing the filter, there is minimal decrease in performance over 2 years in the same place. It is also installed in our 206L1 with the C30 eng. The only thing I would suggest is to buy a spare filter, so when the first gets dirty you can clean the other over a couple of days and do a real good job.

  7. mast retorque is a breeze in the 407...if you have the proper tool. Found a digital power dyne on ebay for $250, calibrated it for $140 and had an adapter made for about $900, takes about 5 mins to do a retorque and you only need a 3/8 T handle. Takes a little more with the Frahm on, but we are working on the boss to get rid of that. You cant throw the power dyne and adapter plate in your tool box though, kind big.

  8. and there is 4 blades on one side of the ship, the blade shadows dont match. They probable took another shot with the ship on the ground then photoshopped them together to remove the camera mounts. My opinion of course, but very nicely done.

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