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  1. Well, if it is mounted there, they did a very good job of removing it. Wish I was that good, I would photoshop myself out of this camp and back home.
  2. awsome shot, but where would the camera be mounted? Unless they digitally removed the mounts. Even the shadow on the snow does not show the camera.
  3. So...which is it, are you good or bad at flogging?
  4. And always remember: When you are right, no one remembers When you are wrong, no one forgets
  5. to wrench on, hands down the astar, excluding the books, very open and simple. But for a Bell the 407 is great. better than a 206. Never worked on the Koala, but with the quick look I had, i see a lot of 206 influence. The cockpit doors look very A model 206. Could have changed, been a few years since I looked.
  6. Air screw style compressor, very quiet. You can have a normal conversation beside while running.
  7. This is not the first attempt to mate helicopters with a blimp. It was done some time ago by mating 4 S55's on the corners of a framework without tail rotors with a helium blimp in between. It unfortunatly met with disasterous and fatal results. I am trying to find a link to this.
  8. We are looking for a 407 T/R Gbx for rent or exchange. I anyone knows the wereabouts of such an elusive item, could you pm me. Thanks, BAH
  9. I wrote the Aussy air regs last year, it is very similar to CAR's. You can find all the info at http://www.casa.gov.au/ There is a section under Licenses and registrations where you will find Aircraft maintenance Engineer license. In there it explains how to get a CTC assesment going for a Overseas license. I did hear, from a pilot friend of mine, that there is no exams required now. There are in dire need for engineers and I have also heard (from a fellow engineer) that they have opend the door wide for citizenship, for the same reasons. Hope this helps.
  10. wouldn't you call that a "heel in"... after you make sure the parking brake is on
  11. My sweetie and I are building a deck this summer. We are so looking forward to sitting on it too. Looks like the seasons started up in Alberta, fly and wrench safe everyone
  12. Hi all, I am looking for the P/N for a 2 position press to talk button for a drop cord. First position is ics the next is transmit. I have asked all around the Melbourne area and all i get are strange looks, if anyone could help, it would be appreciated, Thanks
  13. They were transporting engineers for work projects like roads and such. USAid was the main contractor, I believe.
  14. Not a rumour, but true. The a/c landed hard at 10,000ft and was substancially damaged, no injuries apart from a scratch. The crew walked out to a NZ base and is safe. The crash was not caused by hostile forces.
  15. Go to fly in one out of Comox in the early 90's, sat on the ramp flying around Mt Washington. Awsome view from back there.
  16. The Isolar tank has a hole for the cargo hook, so you can sling.
  17. That would be one long ride.
  18. We had a torque exceedence in level cruise and a few others, the torque problem turned out to be the cannon plug at the transducer. Moisture is a big problem we have also encountered. Hope this helps
  19. All turbine powered helicopters can be signed out by an M1 and/or M2 licence. Piston helicopters require an M1
  20. This is really funny how fast something like this can take off. The answer is NO, the aircraft is not even in country yet. It just left here on Friday.
  21. I think the idea of an EPC as Feniston called it would be to see how the engineer uses his time and knowledge to handle a problem competently and efficiently. How do you know a person will be able to do the job, you could call his previous boss, his friends, but would you get an unbisased answer. The only way know, is to hire the individual, throw them into the workforce and hope all goes well, and the aircraft continues flying. Time constraints, yes, they are there and always will be (unless you work in the military during peacetime). No matter were you work in the civilian aviation world
  22. "Would it be out of line during a job interview to hand the guy a snag defect from a pilot and watch over his shoulder with a stop watch and time his progress to completion? Kinda like an EPC (engineer proficiency check) " This would be very interesting to see. I can see its merrits
  23. $100000/year is $555 a day for 180 days, not far off the rates put up in some other treads in this forum. I have heard $400/ day $50/ hour from an Ab company, $300+/day $50/hr 3 hr garanteed from BC, another $375/day, $50/hr from another BC company and it was listed in this forum. So $500/ day is not very far out there. I have 26years wrenching, the last 5 exclusive on the 212. I still learn something every day, but after 5 years one should know enough that any snag that shows up, he can deal with competently. He has the time invested in the industry to be mature enough to do the job, that i
  24. As you now know, 2 were killed in the avalanche here, a Japanese Photographer and a young woman. The 3 others are ok, only one is still in hospital for observation. The guide was beaten up, but his ABS ballon saved his life. The young woman was an extremly well liked member of the Last Frontier Helisking staff, and a lot of tears have been shed here in the last 36hours, and lots more are sure to come. She was loved by all at Bell 2 and all the Tasman staff who have had the pleasure of sharing a joke and a laugh with her this winter season. She will be truly missed, a vibrant life taken too
  25. My sister-in-law has similar problems along with MS in the spine and fibromyalgia, and only this year decided to stop work. Mainly for stress reasons, she is still active around the house, and wants to work again. She has used a little BC bud to help with the pain and her doctor has told her, If it works for you, keep doing it. Not trying to push anything on you, but living on Vancouver Island has opened my eyes to the medical benifits of it. If i was in the same situation, I would consider it. Good luck, keep up the good spirits
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