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  1. never worked on a B3, but try cleaning out the fuel side of the fuel/oil heater, could be contaminated. The 212's have 2 and can give you headaches. Spray it out with some contact cleaner from the output side.
  2. BAH

    Skiing & Work

    Tasman with Whistler Heli-skiing and up in bell 2 it is allowed, but as 212wrench said, the job takes priority.
  3. Well Nova212, looks like the fault was the generator field circuit breaker. Reset it a couple of times and the gen came online. Gen has not fallen off line since. Overhaul of the DCU's showed the same diode blowing in all the failed boxes, I guess it was causing a feedback into the box or something. The breaker still had continuity when metered. Don't you hate it when it is a little item like this that stumps a lot of people. An apprentice told me the breaker popped this summer, work fine after reseting.
  4. If it is a single buss machine, the diode check is not applicable. Have you swapped generators? I have also seen the wires chaffing on the inside of the cowls causing them to drop off. Don't forget you have 2 of everything in a 212, try swapping component by component, takes time, but you never know.
  5. Lots of lightning between PG and Valemount. At least 6 new fires this am.
  6. any metal conection will do. Hope it helps.
  7. I know it sounds weird, but try grounding you laptop to the machine with a jumper. I am using a Toshiba laptop with no serial port and windows xp
  8. I use a Belkin USB adapter. Works well, just have to remember to plug it in after you have launched the engine program. I have had no luck with the instuments yet with it though. One of the other guys have a different adapter and has had luck with both, I will ask what brand and post it later. hope this helps
  9. argg, don't say things like that, you could spoil it MB is busy also
  10. I was wrenching on a medium in 2003 that dropped a net of drums. When I looked at the hook, I found that it had been miss-rigged in the hanger before it left. I take the time now whenever I get on a machine to check the rigging.
  11. It's sitting behind us in Dryden at the moment, waiting like the rest of us.
  12. Tasman has 1 medium in Grande Cache hired on and AB forestry wants anything we have. Unfortunatly, the other 212 is on a flat rack coming through customs.
  13. I use a ICOM F3g. No problems with it. It is not face progamable but I have the software and my laptop is usually near me to progam it in the field. The company I work for uses motorola JT1000, they work well. All have the programming keys attached but are listed at about $1800CDN. The icom was less than $500.
  14. When I was up in VIH's Sandspit base a few years ago, they had purchased a set of cattle scales and fixed a 5 x 5 platform to it. The scales cost about $2500 bucks and were digital. Very accurate and allowed 6 pax to stand on it so no one person was weighed only the group. Worked well with cargo also as you could load a pallet after you zeroed out the pallet weight.
  15. Twotter says it all, if you have to borrow it more than once, consider buying it. As for the Makita, look for a 9.6 volt, they are getting hard to find but it has all the torque you need and is still small and light. If you travel to the field, don't buy a butane soldering iron, NOT allowed in checked baggage as it is dangerous goods. (Unless you want to buy a new unused one every time) On helicopters, I never use 3/8 drive. Never had the need, I have a few 1/2 drive sockets that work for me. Snap-on 4 way off-set wrench's are a must. Start with 9/16 to 5/8's then add the rest. Blue-Point ADP
  16. Is it worse cold or hot. Have you done a decelleration check yet. The engine manual has the info on the times. If it is stiffer hot, it could be turbine rub, you should be able to hear it. I have never seen N2 lockup with Mobil Jet 2 in the 10 years I have been using it. It cokes less than 500, but not much.
  17. "The police will present a polished, expensive plan for corporations and individuals to donate cash for EC120B copters, made by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co". I don't remember this company, any of you?
  18. Not being a pilot but a wrench, I have not had the opertunity to land a machine and experience this, But in Blue River a few years ago I got the chance to change an Astar drivetrain a 9500 feet after the pilot dipped his tail in the snow. Both tip indicators were fine but the root of one blade cracked over 75% around the blade cuff. The T/R driveshaft had twisted about 270 degrees and the gbx oil looked like metalflake paint. The a/c sat for 2 weeks in weather befor we got to it, so it was full of snow and the engine was frozen solid. I have some pic someware and will post them when I get home
  19. I believe, but don't qute me that it was CQT. It just came out of rebuild and on it's first revenue flight.
  20. I heard today as we were pulling the wreck out that the woman may not make it. Pilot and other pax will be Ok. The speculation on site was glassy water.
  21. I remember NMH's great "Bone-us" they use to give us :shock:
  22. Last I heard, Nelson is still Tasman. Whistler 1 maybe 2 212,s. Tasman is long term leasing the 407s for up north.
  23. I was told that the ATC requested the pilot turn at that time and in that direction because a tanker was waiting to take off behind him. He tried to stay over the road. Unfortunatly, his worst case sinario showed up at the worst time. I did not hear why the bucket came off.
  24. Thanks ####, I am looking for the 204 plug because I want to include it in a set that I sell.
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