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  1. Well Nova212, looks like the fault was the generator field circuit breaker. Reset it a couple of times and the gen came online. Gen has not fallen off line since. Overhaul of the DCU's showed the same diode blowing in all the failed boxes, I guess it was causing a feedback into the box or something. The breaker still had continuity when metered. Don't you hate it when it is a little item like this that stumps a lot of people. An apprentice told me the breaker popped this summer, work fine after reseting.

  2. If it is a single buss machine, the diode check is not applicable. Have you swapped generators? I have also seen the wires chaffing on the inside of the cowls causing them to drop off. Don't forget you have 2 of everything in a 212, try swapping component by component, takes time, but you never know.

  3. I use a Belkin USB adapter. Works well, just have to remember to plug it in after you have launched the engine program. I have had no luck with the instuments yet with it though. One of the other guys have a different adapter and has had luck with both, I will ask what brand and post it later. hope this helps

  4. I use a ICOM F3g. No problems with it. It is not face progamable but I have the software and my laptop is usually near me to progam it in the field. The company I work for uses motorola JT1000, they work well. All have the programming keys attached but are listed at about $1800CDN.

    The icom was less than $500.

  5. Twotter says it all, if you have to borrow it more than once, consider buying it. As for the Makita, look for a 9.6 volt, they are getting hard to find but it has all the torque you need and is still small and light. If you travel to the field, don't buy a butane soldering iron, NOT allowed in checked baggage as it is dangerous goods. (Unless you want to buy a new unused one every time) On helicopters, I never use 3/8 drive. Never had the need, I have a few 1/2 drive sockets that work for me. Snap-on 4 way off-set wrench's are a must. Start with 9/16 to 5/8's then add the rest. Blue-Point ADP slip joint wrenches are also well used, cost 100bucks but well worth it.

    Hope this helps

  6. Is it worse cold or hot. Have you done a decelleration check yet. The engine manual has the info on the times. If it is stiffer hot, it could be turbine rub, you should be able to hear it. I have never seen N2 lockup with Mobil Jet 2 in the 10 years I have been using it. It cokes less than 500, but not much.

  7. Not being a pilot but a wrench, I have not had the opertunity to land a machine and experience this, But in Blue River a few years ago I got the chance to change an Astar drivetrain a 9500 feet after the pilot dipped his tail in the snow. Both tip indicators were fine but the root of one blade cracked over 75% around the blade cuff. The T/R driveshaft had twisted about 270 degrees and the gbx oil looked like metalflake paint. The a/c sat for 2 weeks in weather befor we got to it, so it was full of snow and the engine was frozen solid. I have some pic someware and will post them when I get home. The suprising thing was the tip indicators, NO damage or bending. This happened in light fluffy dry snow.

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