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  1. I am looking for an old 204 T/R chip plug with housing if possible. I am making a drain tool for the 204 to add to my set.
  2. Lot of lightning, lots of starts around Ft nelson today. Over 2000 strikes on the lighning map at the fire center. Tasmans 212 and 407 hired in Ont. :up:
  3. How about pax in the R/H seat of a medium? I just say on Fear Fighters program on Discovery Channel a blue 204 and from the inside camera shot the fire fighter was in the R/H seat.
  4. I thought Wildcat only had two 212's? Did Mike get 3 more this winter season?
  5. Tasmans contract machine in Ft Nelson was actioning 3 fires locally yesterday, but we are now looking at falling snow
  6. Just bought Diesel for the company truck in Pemberton, 99.9 cents/ litre. Stick with jet-A it's now probably cheaper even by the drum
  7. from a very reliable source, the Accountant did it. They have closed for good.
  8. Luc had a S61L and a 61R at the Wawa 13 fire until the 29th of June. Both N registered
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