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  1. Okay for the record Helilog 56 is the greatest in the world he is always correct in everything, he is never wrong and has never made a mistake, there ya go my most humble apologies for ever starting this thread
  2. there comes a time when certain people cannot differentiate the true from the false, and this is one of them....Threats... gimme a break, you can dish it out but you sure have a hard time when someone puts you in place, Sad.
  3. I want to take this opportunity to apologize for making such a bad comment, I jumped the gun big time, and it is truly this kind of assumption which ignites such a defense from my fellows, a valuable lesson learned, Helilog I hope you can get over it, I sure didn't mean to inflict such pain, very interesting how long this tread has spewed diarrhea, I confess I gave us the "bad name" now do you think one can ever be forgiven or is that a impossibility? Oh Helilog their is help out their....
  4. like I said your truly a great example of what we don't wanna become, now get a life I can't continue at this level, get over your stop taking things so personal Bobby boy
  5. let's see if a person chooses to use a "forum name" he's a coward & a pissant according to BOB KELLIE, so it must mean BOB KELLIE is a brave pissed off ant, or his wife left him for a real man, and he's can't get over himself, poor bobby, or is it babby
  6. is it me or does it seem that Heli log and the like can go ahead and slag who they like and as soon as someone strikes back, the gestapo has to serve and protect, what a laugh...
  7. when a super pilot like Heli log starts this kind of crude behavior, it really is a display of his true self esteem.
  8. why don't you guys join the fixed wing forum, your mentality qualifies you, you would be idols over their www.avcanada.ca
  9. That's what I have always known of them, I don't see anything listed on the civil aviation site either thanks for reply
  10. Let it go already, your like a dog with a bone, get a life, goes for the rest of you school yard bullies, we agree to disagree, do you really need someone to start another topic to get you outta the rutt your in geez louise
  11. Does anybody know if this outfit has an O.C. or if they actually have any machines that they perhaps lease, checked out their web and it doesn't look like they have any machinery but a friend thinks different???
  12. how does it go, look not at the sliver in my eye , but look at the plank in your own eye, yeah not many agree with me, but seems like you all are more worried about it than I am, so chew on that a while.
  13. well you know... if it fits, wear it proud, I'm really not that bothered, seems pretty friggin bad that someone has to perish in the bush like this in southern Canada in the middle of a gaggle of helicopters, just can't understand how?
  14. well the way I see it is obviously not popular, but the heli ski company obviously has helis so they see and sos it's reported, the way everyone gets talking around the place in the night about this from day 1, I know if I were around something like this I would be looking the next day, there was a life lost, and fingers are pointing to the cops, but the heli ski outfit with the friggin machines and at the very least the bozo that's flying it should, be confirming stuff, stop for a minute you wizards and think about it for a minute, how would you feel if it was you, or someone close, the bottom line is it's a small little community, the pilots there had to know something about the sos, 9 days???? and in the end the guy had to friggin near jump up and bite the guy in the arse. there chew on that for a while
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