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  1. I started as an AME apprentice on fixed-wing aircraft back in the 60s and began getting stick time along the way. Later I worked as an AME to pay for my flight training. I got into helicopter maintenance in the 70s and began helicopter flight training. Many years later I feel I have mastered a little bit of both flight and maintenance. I ran a maintenance company; designed STCs; worked as chief pilot and director of maintenance on both fixed and rotary winged aircraft; worked as a long-line and construction pilot; flew Beavers and Norsemen on floats; flight-instructed in both types. B
  2. Definitely a cool story. I've seen Three-Toed Sloths in Costa Rica and they are slow. That is what makes this so amazing.
  3. I took my A&P test in 1976 in Oklahoma City at Federal Exams (www.federalexams.com.) They have cheap housing too and all the tests, written, oral and practical are done on site. The practical and oral were actually the easiest part for me. It took me about 1-1/2 hours. I took the IA test there too in 2002. They have been doing this for a long time and know all the tricks. It's more expensive than a box of Corn Flakes but more FAA inspectors will accept the certificate you get than the one on the box... I think.
  4. Jet A has a density of 775-840 Kg/CM (cubic meter.) Jet B has a density of 751-802 Kg/CM (Cubic meter.) Thus Jet B has less density and has fewer BTUs per Kg. Some aircraft fuel controls need to be rescheduled when switching from Jet A to Jet B and vice-versa because the lighter Jet B has less density and needs more volume to compensate for that. Not an issue with a 250 engine. Jet B burns cleaner. Ask any Bell 214 operator how long it takes for the tailboom to blacken with Jet A as opposed to Jet B. Blackening will start within minutes on Jet A. Jet A has a MAXIMUM freezing poin
  5. Thanks for the advice. Lamadriver 1948
  6. We operate two Bell 412s in the Arctic and have had little success at getting more than low heat out of the Bell "heavy duty, high output" heaters. Someone recently advised me of a mod or override that would increase heat output. Anyone know of this? Regards, Lamadriver1948
  7. I've flown a lot of Lamas over the years but I've never seem one look like a green gecko.(sp?) :shock:
  8. I bought a Pan Am angle drill a few years ago. It's very nice and compact. It's also fairly powerful, I used it fixing floats on a Beaver once.You can buy different angled heads for the same air motor and don't have to buy a seperate drill for 45 or 90 or pancake. Good tool, I would recommend it. Eric
  9. I started buying Snap-on stuff when I first started turning wrenches in 1968. They've served me well, especially in the bush when I couldn't afford a tooling break-down. They're expensive but sometimes there is no substitute for dependability. Plus the warranty is exceptinal.
  10. I'm sorry, I missed your question about where in Quebec. It was Sept-Iles. My mother was born there, my oldest sister in Havre Ste. Pierre.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up on the big cities. I love Vancouver to visit but I prefer smaller towns to live in. In general Canadians are lot more congenial than othersI have met around the world. Like I said in my original post, I very much enjoyed my youth years in Quebec, that's where I started flying and wrenching. I still have a lot of High School friends in Montreal, Vancouver and Sept-Iles. I bought a Norseman in Sioux Lookout a few years back for a company in Seward, AK, and ferried it back to Alaska. I was impressed at how well maintained most of the aircraft were, and how well everyo
  12. Hello again and thanks for all the great information and URLs. Ill check it out. Best of luck, Eric
  13. I spent my high school years in Quebec, my mother was Canadian and I really enjoyed my years there and began flying and fixing airplanes there. I currently live in Alaska and work as an AME (A&P) with an Inspection Authorization. I also hold FAA ATP airplane, CPL helicopter and CFII. Specialized in long-line work for 20 years. I'm getting tired of all the violence in the States and of how the government is begining to take away individual privacy rights. I would like to immigrate back to Canada. Anyone have any insight into what would be needed to convert my A&P and CPL helo to C
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