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  1. Hey all, worked on 407's for 6 - 7 yrs and have only changed t/r short shaft bearings when it was required due to asb and ad's. The one thing bell states is not to overgrease the bearing as it can lead to overheating so I stuck to that premise, also as others have said balance is def important. In my experience it was worth while to use a acid brush and clean out the excess grease to prevent it from being sucked into blower weight assy, where dirt can build up etc. Although the front bearing is a bugger to get at (put a small bend near the end) and try to swab out the excess between the loc
  2. HHHmmmmm not to sure what happened there but apparently my text is missing from my last thread. But hey let's get it fired up Didnt realize I had stepped into it on this one. What I was trying to say in regards to that quote is that I know alot of very good engineers that have come out of BCIT. I'm not saying it isnt a bit of a puppy mill but you get out of training what you want and if you want to coast through BCIT then you can (as I am sure you can with plenty other schools), however it is up to the individual what you get out of it. So to generalize and say those that come out of BCIT a
  3. [quote The ones I worked with we're OK, I definately wasn't afraid to fly what they fixed, but they were seriously outpaced by even the most mentally challenged BCIT male graduate. excuse me while I run away and hide now.
  4. Just wanted to add a comment in regards to the transmission restraint info that was offered. I was told by bell that they are there only to maintain transmission - driveshaft alignment and that is why they are different lengths?
  5. A stubby straight screwdriver with a small notch filed on the side is very handy for removing the circlip on the t/r output on 212 tranny then make a 4 sided grease tool (cross shape) that allows you to insert and spin making greasing very easy and clean. Also a back saver and monkey arm saver is the pelican tool box with wheels and handle. (plus if the airlines crack them they give you a new one!!) But buy black as the dealer I use says the orange and yellow etc or stolen way more frequently.......
  6. I also use the belkin adapter and it works great. It does not work with the old adapter for the instruments but it does once I used the new adapter tweaker referred to. I have also used a generic brand name adapter from london drugs and it works just fine. I have had problems in the past with the ports selection but rebooted tried different usb ports until i found one that was compatible. And i have also had to use the grounding trick which did work........ Go figure. I just used alligator clips from a bare metal part of a connector on the back of my pc to a screw. hope this helps.
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