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  1. A checkout in north America and a type rating over seas
  2. Because you like to apply for flying jobs just after the new year.And again I will say as I have for years to young pilots looking for a job .If you stop looking you will never find a job.So don't stop there will be new jobs opening this year,take a road trip,visit the local Sportsmens show make a few phone calls but don't stop. Good luck
  3. Does anyone in the Oshawa area know Mike poulin.He works for Ontario Hydro and he was building a RV-6.I would like to know if he got it flying
  4. I have flown a cessnas,kingairs,learjets,hawkers,and a gulfstream but the best was a j3 cub on wheels or floats its a real pilots airplane
  5. Does any one know how Jet shares is doing.They are all good people working there and I hope things are better for the company.
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