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    Looking for contracts in Asia, Middle East, Europe, etc.<br />Canadian licensed AME (M2, S) with advanced composites.<br />Endorsed on Bell 204, 205, 212, 230, 412 and Sikorsky S58T, S61.
  1. Oh by the way it's not to hard to do conversion of your license there for Canadians. You apply and provide your license, training documents, resume with all contact info of companys you worked for and once it is accepted you will have to do the air leg test and its open book! But do your studying beforehand as their book is not like Canadians.
  2. Well your all not up to speed! Pacific had 3 212's last I saw but could never keep them in the air, pieces of shxx ! Hevilift has added a few to there fleet, 212 and 412's. They had 6 at one point but think they now have added a few more 412's. You are stuck in Hagan in a compound that has a decent kitchen and small rooms but are clean. They have their own bar built but company trying to get rid of it as to much drinking! Aussie's go figure! Helifix is based in Port Moresby and guys work from there or go out with the machines were ever the work is. Nice new accommodation, 2 or 3 bedro
  3. WOW! Been a bit since I heard Ron's name, last I saw the old bugger he wasn't looking so good. He had a few health problems over the years, old age catching up ! Remember doing S-61 or was it S58T course with his son, old age catching up with me now!
  4. Hey all ! Well first I have to say Laloshe Sask. has been my worst experience, you just hoped you got a room in the small camp and not the hotel there! Like other guys said the hotel was a dump! Now we are all big boys and most of us knew what we signed up for and were told that things would not always be so nice but we all still went and then went again! We all know why we did, for the money! The owners and forestry don't always have control over this. I have been flying the fires with pilots and we have landed and looked at what was there and both looked at each other like what the
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