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  1. Yea I have been working on the ground for two years. This year will be my third year working on the ground with word coming from management this week that there are no slots for someone like me. It is a little frustrating right now. But I’m also wondering what other companies are doing for low timers? Seeing a few jobs being posted for 1000+ hour guys is encouraging to hear.
  2. Are any low timers out there finding work? Is your company hiring any this year? Did they even hire any last year? Seems to be a lot of low timers still sweeping floors, after a few years. I've hear rumors that some companies are hiring. What are flight schools tell people the prospects for a job are? Seems like IFR work is booming for cougar. Hopefully I didn’t open a can of worms.
  3. That's right this is more the issue of will employers accept it and insurance. Even government contracts, from what I understand you need 500hr. to fly fires, forestry ect. Who cares if i wait 1100 hours to get ATPL instead of 1000. Who knows if I'll ever bother with a ATPL in my career. But the extra hundred hours may make the differnce for a low-timer to get a job or have a busy summer rather than a slow one.
  4. I think thats what i'll be doing from now on.
  5. So I am a low time pilot trying to build hours. I will get the odd chance to fly left seat on a aircraft with duals installed. However I don't have the type endorsement on my license. I was reading the AIM and CARS on this and I can't log it as per Transport Canada. 1 I am not indorsed on type. 2 the aircraft is single pilot certified. But my question is will employers and insurance companies recognize this as flight time towards the golden standard of 1000hr. Some people have said time in the seat is time in the seat, log it. So would these flights fall under the following "familiarization"
  6. Didn't the S-92 fail the run dry test on the main rotor gear box.
  7. I am a 100hr wonder. and i got my licience in 08 spring. worked right out of school on the ground. and the best i can hope for is a check out in spring 2010. even looking at all the job postings compaired to last year, there is no one advertising for pilots.
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