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    ridding this industry of "dead weight" , calling out all fake's & pretenders
  1. Grumpy? Maybe he has a right to be just a little grumpy, after all he feeds & shelters his family by doing what he does. Is it soo bad to want to protect that which pays the bills? Since we're on the topic... How does this work shortage/ foreign worker battle affect you Transquebecniece? Surely someone with the time to add over 6722 posts must be a serious hitter in the industry. Are you a pilot affected by the slow down or scramble for jobs? You must be to have such a strong and outspoken position. Maybe you're just that good that this whole thing hasn't threatened you at all, in which case good for you. To the rest of us pilot folks though...... don't be guilted into this touchy feely crap spewed on here about how we should all just get along despite where we're from. Simple fact is, jobs are few and far between. Fight hard and dirty if that's what it takes to keep working. This PC crap that everyone has been dispensing lately is for politicians, and last time I checked this wasn't a political forum. Stay true to your industry and fellow Canadian pilots and let the rest fend for themselves, end of discussion!
  2. Just curious.... as DOM will I have to pay room & board, or is that free provided I am your wife's personal gardener? What other benefits can I expect? 1 day off a month, zero dental, zero dignity? You can't be serious!! :down:
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