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  1. Fair winds and smooth sailing, Dev. Pal
  2. The folks that review your medical at TC are Doctors of Medicine not TC inspectors. Pal
  3. When you make stupid quotes, just think of the accident in Cranbrook! Pal
  4. Obviously, you are not a lawyer, or a TC inspector, nor do you understand the "possible" ramifications if something had gone wrong. In fact, there was a violation of the CARS re external loads over built up areas. But because all went well, it most likely won't be an issue. But when things go wrong all bets are off and there in lies the issue. When things go wrong, someone is always to blame or found legally liable, good intentions aside. You can justify things anyway you want because things went well. It would be front page news and a field day for any lawyer, if they did not! Pal
  5. Maybe you should re read the posts in sequence and perhaps when you finish you could enlighten me to where an exemption can be found for a Class B load over a built up area and perhaps you can also direct me to any associated standards under the part VI regs I quoted. I agree there is an exemption for firefighting, but it does not include bucketing over a built up area, as firefighting can include many other things, such as placing equipment and personnel on a building or acting as a spotter for example. Like I said, not saying they didn't do a good job, just wonder what the outcome would hav
  6. Last but not least, if anyone cares what the definition of creating a hazard is here the TATC definition, "To create a hazard it is not necessary for an accident to occur, it is merely the potential of damage that creates the situation." Pal
  7. Well actually simply put you are, try reading this especially the except part, 602.12 Overflight of Built-up Areas or Open-air Assemblies of Persons during Take-offs, Approaches and Landings (1) For the purposes of this Section and Sections 602.14 and 602.15, an aircraft shall be deemed to be operated over a built-up area or over an open-air assembly of persons if the built-up area or open-air assembly of persons is within a horizontal distance of (a) 500 feet from a helicopter or balloon; (B 2,000 feet from an aircraft other than a helicopter or balloon. (2) Except at an airport,
  8. I guess you didn't notice the on lookers ambulances all parked near the apt. The Reg says, no less than necessary for the purposes of the operation in which the aircraft is engaged, the aircraft is operated without creating a hazard to persons or property on the surface. Flying with a bucket on, over a building cars or people, creates a hazard where there wasn't one before. I am not saying he didn't do a good job, what I am saying is what if. What if the bucket had snagged on the balconey, what if he had an engine failure, what if the bucket unhooked? He would go from hero to zero in a heart
  9. Maybe you should review the video, as it was a built up area. It would appear the regulations are clear on this for a reason. Has anyone ever had a bucket come off, either by mechanical failure or finger trouble? What could possibly go wrong when bucketing over buildings and on lookers with a couple of thousand pounds on a hook? Pal
  10. I am having the same issue, can see the stripes on a bee a hundred yards out, but can't see what breaker is what on the overhead. Bought a pair of progressive glasses and wasted 500 bucks made everything distorted and made me feel sick. Maybe the bifocal top and bottom reading lens with clear in the middle is the answer. Either way it is gonna be expensive. Pal
  11. This site in Alaska sells the top of the line BATA version of the Bunny boot, they also have a FAQ section and diagrams of the boots inner workings. http://www.bunnyboots.com/ cheers Pal
  12. Old dog, with that attitude perhaps the most important question is how many wrecks has he had. Pal
  13. In case you hadn't noticed it is the same picture and info your passport requires so the info is in a standard and previously used format.
  14. Hmmm, makes ya wonder if you would still have that opinion if someone came smoking around the bend in front of you doing the same thing from the opposite direction.
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