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  1. Serlands alot. get a job that actually requires you to learn how to use spell check and grow up. Some of the stuff that gets put on here had me thinking my 9 year old kid hacked in. Kudos to Mike and his team for making this site and stepping in when some one needs a spanking. Lololo Cheers
  2. Used a 500D, doors off, 10,000', slow down and watch 3 guys fall backwards off the skids at Pitt airport about a dozen times many years ago, looks awesome watching them fall away from the heli
  3. Hey Bob just wondered how you used to do the hydraulic check with the astar you flew?, and would you have your passengers stay out of the machine untill done or would it be prudent to have them sitting in the Heli with you Cheers
  4. Hey Bob,how else could you do it other than a run up in the morn before your customer shows? not always convinient
  5. Merry christmas Paul


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