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  1. That depends. FAA or JAR work just about everywhere. CHC works all over the world and for them you need Canadian. Some countries such as Qatar and UAE will convert to their own license in which case it doesn't,t matter. If you are tired of crappy working conditions and crap pay, IFR and/or international are the way to go.
  2. And there you have it. Mystery solved. Our friends at HAC once again working hard to look after the interests of Canadian pilots. www.h-a-c.ca We proudly salute our 2013 Corporate Sponsors AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter Textron Limited, Dulude, Taylor Inc. & Boston Marks Insurance Brokers, Eurocopter Canada, GE Capital, Heli-One, HELICOPTERS Magazine, Honeywell International, NAV CANADA, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls Royce, Safran Turbomeca Canada, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, StandardAero, Vector Aerospace, Vertical, Willis Global Aviation May 8, 2013 Honourable Jason Kenny Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism 325 East Block House of Commons Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 Honourable Minister: The Helicopter Association of Canada’s members collectively operate over 80% of the commercial helicopters in Canada today. The Association has been watching with interest the discussion relating to the use of temporary foreign workers in Canada, and prospective changes to the Accelerated Labour Market Opinion process under discussion and, we feel that you should be aware of the importance of temporary foreign workers to our industry segment. The Canadian helicopter industry depends on highly skilled seasonal foreign workers to supplement the growing shortage of experienced helicopter pilots in Canada. The global shortage of experienced helicopter flight crews has drawn many experienced Canadian pilots to international locales both in support of Canadian companies working internationally, but also to work for foreign companies. Experienced Canadian helicopter pilots and Maintenance Engineers are sought-after around the world, and during the busy summer months, many of our members have difficulty finding qualified Canadians to meet their needs. The recognition of foreign aircraft maintenance qualifications makes temporary access by foreign maintenance personnel even more complicated. 2 Furthermore, a growing number of our Canadian clients impose experience requirements that make it difficult to find and employ newly-licensed Canadian helicopter pilots and, the seasonal nature of the helicopter business only aggravates the problem when the demand for experienced crews spikes during the summer months. The process of building time and experience as a helicopter pilot is difficult and time-consuming and, the transition from a newly-licensed helicopter pilot to a readily-employable pilot is a challenging one for both pilots and employers. It takes years of experience to be able to read weather, perform external load operations, or just manage the new more sophisticated aircraft our customers demand. A pilot with 1,000 hours on a small piston engine powered aircraft is not the same as a pilot with experience on a new generation multi-engine aircraft In Canada, helicopter operators generally have a very short operating season and sometimes unpredictable demands - on short notice for extra flight crews in a busy fire season, for example, can aggravate the shortage. We absolutely need access to temporary English and French-speaking foreign workers, sometimes on an accelerated basis. Our foreign contractor-pilots are generally paid according to Canadian flight crew standards. It is not a question of finding a cheaper temporary source of experienced flight crews – but one of simply finding experienced temporary flight crews. Any changes to the temporary foreign worker program should contemplate the needs of our industry for seasonal pilots and maintenance personnel. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter to ensure that service to our customers is not interrupted by a short-sighted change to the temporary foreign worker program or to the accelerated Labour Market Opinion process. We would be pleased to meet with you at your convenience on this issue. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Fred L. Jones BA LLB President and CEO Helicopter Association of Canada “Bringing the Industry Together” 130 Albert Street, Suite 500 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G4 Office: (613) 231-1110 x239 Cell: (613) 884-1422 Fax: (613) 369-5097 Website: www.h-a-c.ca
  3. Dude!! You gotta go slow with that boot. I,m starting to worry about you. DB
  4. Additionally if your GP is aware of a grounding condition and does not report to TC he will be in the shyte.
  5. Again it wasn,t my intent to revisit this topic. I just heard the PM on the news saying that the foreign workers program is in place only to fill areas where there is a shortage. I know for a fact that some Canadian helicopter companies are abusing this law in order to cut costs. This is in no way the fault of pilots or engineers from other countries. As far as what the going rate goes for an A star long liner.....I have no idea. Past 25 years in Offshore IFR land. And currently retired.
  6. You misunderstand me. I was just saying that if someone has a problem with it, now would be a good time to act. I did work internationally for CHC. Usually either the company chartering the machine or an insurance company insisted on pilots with Canadian licenses at one set of controls. One exception to was Equador where the registrations were changed and Equadorian pilots were used.Thats because the Government insisted in order to protect Equadorian jobs.
  7. With RBC front and center in the news for outsourcing Canadian jobs, now would be a really good time to lean on your MP,s about why Canadian companies are bringing in pilots from other countries to fly jobs that Canadians are qualified for. I was given this explanation by the ops manager of large company a few years ago when I asked. " Why would we pay a Canadian to do a job that a (citizen of a foreign company which shall remain unnamed ) will do it for 3000 a month less. I,m just sayin.
  8. Looking back on my post I see I was not clear. What I meant was if you want to remain an employee of the VIHAviation Group and you are a professional pilot then you need to think about getting an instrument ticket. I know many guys who have been there for a long time. A few for their entire working career. They are VIH to the bone and the idea of working for someone else will be hard. I,m not sure that VIH Helicopters is totally out of the VFR game right now but I think they will be soon. No disrespect intended for my VFR brothers and sisters.
  9. Canadian?? Bought Alpine?????!!!!! Seriously though here is the rundown. The corporate end of Noriie Aviation is called "VIH aviation Group". VIH Aviation Group runs a number of companies including Cougar Helicopters, Cougar-VIH Helicopters (an American only division) An Fbo at Yyj, A big leasing company whose name escapes me, 15 other various pies,and VIH Helicopters. The assets of VIH Helicopters are being sold because the company has outgrown them. SK92's have a much bigger profit margin then AStars. It,s basically the same transformation CHC went through in the 90's when it split off the domestic division. It means VIH Aviation group is playing with the big boys in the big sandbox. It also means anybody that is really serious about a life time career in helicopter aviation better figure out how fly solely by reference to the instruments .
  10. I always wrote off my helmets , headsets, nomex ect as work related safety equiptment. Never a problem with CRA.
  11. This is exactly correct. Pick your company/town......move there......and make yourself known. Eventually it will be time to hire a newb and they will get to choose between a newb they know and 490 they don,t. Worked for me. In spite of the owner taking a dislike to me and declaring he would close shop before I got a job. The look on his face when he saw me climbing out of the co-Jo seat on one of his aircraft because I got hired by a base manager at other town was priceless. Got my first thousand hours there.
  12. What happened to the 5000 buck hit that got put out on ya? Site was getting interesting. Like the Sopranos.
  13. After many years of faithful service GVIY was sold to a Brazilian operator earlier this year. No whole Deuces at VIH.
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