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  1. Been studying the transport TP14400E Study and Reference Guide. Just looking for any additional exam prep material for Chief Pilot Air Taxi CAR 703 - Helicopter. Thank you for your time.
  2. Looking for some clarification please, Is it possible to renew a group 4 instrument rating prior to it expiring with a DACP or a DFTE? Does the DACP or DFTE need to be endorsed on the aircraft that the ride is taking place on? Thank you
  3. 2B1

    Pdm Course

    If anyone knows where a PDM course is being held in the Vancouver/lower mainland area, please let me know. Thank you
  4. 2B1


    Thank you.
  5. 2B1


    Interested in doing a Company Aviation Safety Officer course. Just looking for a recommendation on a course in the Vancouver area. Thanks
  6. AS 350 B3 (Arriel 2B1) Dual Hydraulics maximum takeoff weight is 5225 lbs As of November 2009, there have been 100 Dual Hydraulic AS350B3's delievered Globally.
  7. ame206350, Thank you for the reply. I looked at the catalog but I did not see the pod/basket I was after. It is more of a cylinder. Thank you for your time.
  8. Looking for the manufacture of the composite pods/baskets for an AS350. I noticed them on Bailey's and Talon's machine's. Thank you.
  9. Appreciate the info guys, Thank You.
  10. Thank you for the info.
  11. Just wondering if anyone knows of any Transport Canada approved AME Human Factors course in the Vancouver Island or Lower Main Land area. Thanks
  12. I will be assembling a Bell 205 and just wondering what tools will be required. Thanks
  13. newt, Old blades new yoke. Didn't have access to a static balancer.
  14. I appreciate all the feed back. You guys saved me a few runs for sure, got it done in five runs. Started off at 1.5 IPS and brought it in from there. Thanks again guys.
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