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  1. Nice try, but spelt is past tense for spell. Dictionary.com: spelt –verb a simple past tense and past participle of spell.
  2. I still contend that rather than a clever use of an obscure slang term, he simply spelt intelligent wrong.
  3. Perhaps I am old school, but I guess I am more familiar with Webster's than I am of the Urban dictionary.
  4. You spelt intelligent wrong. LOL You are an idiot.
  5. When guys are grounding themselves out of fear of a mid-air, due to having 15 machines scrambled for a .3 of a hectare fire as a knee-jerk reaction to the Slave Lake disaster, I have to question just how focused on safety the ASRD are. My guess is that saving face is their current priority.
  6. It's a CHC machine & CHC crew, and will be based out of Phoenix's new hanger for six months.
  7. The reasons for the shortage up there as I see it are two fold; 1) Most operators want experienced guys, but want nothing to do with training from the ground up. 95% of the companies out there feel it is someone else's responsibility to train low-timers, so kudos to companies like Gemini who actually buck the trend it that regard. 2) After talking to more than few guys that came from the big operator in question, it seems to me the way they operate up there has left a bad taste in quite a few drivers and wrenches mouths... And I'll leave it at that.
  8. Well, you have certainly blossomed into quite the little troll around here, haven't you? To 'suggest' that every one of these employees deserved to be let go in writing is libel. As well, you were off on a few points, so ignorance is certainly the case here. 1) You are assuming that I am a 100-hr pilot. You'd think that someone that has been around as long as you would be savvy enough to figure that a poster with a user name of 'mobil254' is more likely to be on the wrenching side. I could see the confusion if my user name was 'Ray Ban' or 'Esquire', but that is not the case. 2)
  9. +1 Proclaiming the layoffs a 'cull' is pretty big assumption, and is not fair to those who got victimized by a shortage of work. Making that assumption on a public forum is especially ignorant.
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