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  1. Definitely recommend Golden Wax Wash. Great for the summer as it is a powder and easy to carry. Works Great!!! I believe Canadian Tire sells it as well.....
  2. Canadian Tire usually sells Nu-Finish. Works good !!!
  3. Call any Transport Canada Aviation Office and they will give you all the answers. You can find their numbers on the web.
  4. My guess would be high remaining component times vs low component times as well as avionics and other kits that may be installed.
  5. Better chance this Spring of getting some flood action in...
  6. Heliman2


    The aircraft should also be leveled with the plumb bob... Which means the back end up. This is closer to the actual attitude of the aircraft in flight. I believe there are a couple of different standpipe lengths (P/N's) that can be installed in the Bell medium series but I do not have a IPC in front of me to check. The low level standpipe and switch is in the leftside which is the same side as the bleed air boost pump. The bleed air boost pump usually runs at a higher PSI than the electric pump that is in the right tank therefore the left side fuel level may be slightly lower than the right. The capacitance fuel indicating system is totally seperate from the low level light and will read the actual fuel capacity which will be higher than normal if the right tank has more fuel in it. The actual test of when the light illuminates should be done in level forward flight as you cannot run the bleed air on the ground unless the aircraft is running. Bottom line .... Either the low level light comes or it doesn't. Check the flapper valve for the right washer stack up under the top bolts holdin the flapper on... If correct the flapper shouldn't leak. The hole in the inlet side that sits in the Venturi of the ejector pump is really small so I have always found it is either clear or plugged. If plugged you will have a boost pump cation light even though the boost pump light works. Hope this helps....
  7. The bottom line is that there are too many helicopters in Canada...Period. Most operators continue to find deals on helicopters outside of Canada and keep on importing new aircraft. Some operators do go under from time to time but those aircraft they import stay in Canada and are bought or leased to other Canadian operators. For the industry to recover there has to be less helicopters in the Canadian market or the demand for hired aircraft has to increase in Canada. I do not see this happening at the present moment or the near future. Just my opinion
  8. Aft sliding passenger door of a 204 into a lake close to Paint Lake (Thompson, MB). Salvaged it from the bottom of the lake. Only a scratch on the window......
  9. I would recommend not going under $300 per day and $50 a flight hour. You might get a little higher hourly on a 212 as compared to a 204 or 205. Not sure what AStar guys are getting.
  10. It was mentioned that Thixolube was $90 a tube. That must be from an aviation supplier. I have purchased it from a dealer for less than $10 a tube in Calgary. Exact same tube with MIL Spec on it. I believe the manufacturer lists the dealers on their website. www.maryninternational.com/Power_Up/Power_Up_Thixogrease.html for the product Dealers Locations is www.maryninternational.com/dealers/
  11. ABE is an Eagle Machine being leased by Icefield and this did happen on the 30th of Jan 2009.
  12. Do you have life insurance. Is the benificiary of the insurance selling you the helicopter?????
  13. I just changed one the other night. Lots of fun.... There are two ways to make them stop leaking. The first one is to install a speedy seal to the runner. Its a thin sleeve that is pressed on the runner. I believe the sleeves can be bought at places like Napa etc. This cannot be done in the field but some operators are installing them before they send out the runner to the field. The second way which can be done in the field is to take the spring off the seal and unscrew it where the ends are put together. Cut off approx. 1/3 to 1/2 of an inch. When you screw the ends back together make sure you pre twist it ccw so when it is screwed together it does not have a tendancy to untwist. This method works excellent. I have not had one leak after doing this. You can play around with how much you cut off but if you get it too tight I think it could run a groove in the runner and start to leak. I hope this is strait forward. Let me know if not.....I haven't heard from any one about the mag seal yet. I am very curious.
  14. I'll have to agre with you there. I am an engineer that was licensed in 91. I have my A & P as well so I spent the next 15 years travelling throughout the US and Canadauntil on April Fools Day of 2005 I was in a truck accident while on a job (driver fell asleep and I was sleeping at the time. The accident took one life and 4 of us made it. I spent the next 8 months off recouping and entered another industry. Desk job which I have done for the past 2 years. This summer my arm is well enough to return to the job I love. Without a degree in the oilfield or having your own booming business of some sort it is hard to make the money we make in the helicopter industry. I have the opportunity to stay out of aviation if I want but it's in my blood and I am looking forward to getting out again. Most jobs like the one I have right now you only get 2 days off at a time and otherwise you have to wait for your 2-3 weeks of holidays to be able to get away from work. It sucks... Most people doing tours in the helicopter world end up working from 1/2 to 2/3 of the year. The 2 weeks off between tours actually gives you more quality time to spend with the family or to do things on your own compared to a normal job. It definitely isn't greener on the other side. Helicopters all the way....... P.S. Most of you do more in one tour that most people do all year ... or every..
  15. Artic Front is correct with what he stated..... During the start cyle it turns off atomatically as well with N1 speed (air pressure in the burner can) and blows air thru the nozzles to prevent them from coking up. Sorry if thats too much info...
  16. I was at the base 88-90 on the engineering side. North Bay has changed alot since then....
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