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  1. Check the specs that it is (or isn't) certified to. And ask if they did the testing on the helmet. I've heard (from a competitor) that they have not tested the helmet.
  2. So what was the total cost of investment to do what you did?
  3. Permits?? Out of curiosity would you need a permit for someone to jump out of your helicopter (with a parachute) over land?
  4. Db Blockers and CEP - excellent combination and IMO required in the Gallet. I don't put them on for short flights as its a bit of a process. Also helps if you wiggle the helmet over the ears so as not to disturb the seal. They'll have to cut away some of the plastic that surrounds the speaker to fit it in the molded ear piece. Also the plastic over the wire at the base of the speaker has broken off of mine on both sides. This is from the helmet. I had a problem with the speaker getting 'loose' in the earpiece and moving away from the tube canal drilled in it. It completely cuts
  5. Thanks Don. Here's the skinny. After consulting with Rob H at Merit, turns out my styrene liner has become loose and moved forward to contact the lens. The fix is to remove the nap pad behind the neck and scrape away the bead of glue at the base of the liner that holds it in place. Re-seat the liner away from lens and run a new bead with a hot glue gun (think arts and crafts). Let dry 24 hrs. Haven't done it yet but that's what I'll have to do if I ever get done with this tour!
  6. You know I hate to be negative but I feel obliged to post that Adobe's Digital Editions SUCKS. You can't hightlight text, you can't use typewriter to make notes etc. What is the point of buying an ebook for reference and study when you can't even mark it up and make it your own. If theft of intellectual property is the reason you can't just make a .pdf then WAIT till the technology improves so you can 'use' the book you bought. I don't think I'll be downloading again from lulu.com until Adobe DE is much more functional. My $0.02 Sorry for the rant.
  7. Anybody had problems with the inner visor developing scratches on the inside from the up/down movement? Seems like FOD on the inside of the styrene liner or something. Nothing is visible.
  8. Speaking of Gallet visors, has anyone else had problems with scratches on the inside of the inner visor? Mine has developed vertical scratches around the nose extending upward. I think the culprit is dirt or debris or something on the inner surface of the helmet. After 4 years I am now forced to replace it but I'm worried it'll just happen to the next one. I'll email Rob H at Merit and see what he knows. Thanks
  9. Good Reply! I guess I will specifically ask to be: 'a named insured'. Thanks
  10. I've been contracting for almost ten years. I've never carried my own liability insurance. I always ask and get some kind of assurance that I am listed on a companies insurance policy. I think the can of worms would be if insurers started coming after individual pilots for damages. You think it's hard to get good pilots now just see what happens if a company is known for hanging you out to dry!! Gross negligence is another story though, you could be on your own.
  11. one of the many reasons I don't like fighting fires anymore.
  12. Tragic news indeed. My thoughts and condolences to all involved including the witnesses who now have this horrific memory to deal with. Well wishes and support to T-Rex and the Bighorn family. Good luck. Everyone redouble your safety efforts! I'm gonna give myself an extra 500' from now on.
  13. Hi , Does anyone have a copy in .pdf format? Mine was lost in the computer meltdown. Much appreciated. Please send PM
  14. Thanks for the comments. I can't wait to get mine! M
  15. Happy NY to all! Does anyone have any experience with the sound suppression kit from Merit Apparel? The one they sell has the speakers that you screw onto foam ear plugs, insert in your ear then put your helmet on over. Just wondering if people are using them and liking how they sound/fit/feel etc. I've tried using earbud headphones under my helmet and found they always get pulled out by the helmet ear seals. Thanks guys (and gals)
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