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  1. Just a note to let everybody know that Wes Hopper passed away on Sept.27/17. He was an AME with Dominion, Dom-Peg , & eventually moved on to Ontario Hydro ,where he retired from as the Chief Engineer in 2000.As one co-woker put it so aptly yesterday, Wes, the gentle giant. RIP my friend.
  2. Check with Hydro One at Lake Simcoe Regional Airport.I remember putting those in in 2 Astars, sn 2589 & 2568 I believe.The one in 2589 may have been replaced after it was rebuilt.I'm no longer with the firm's I don't have access to the STC.
  3. Unknown Gazelles

    I believe they were GCE,TCS & WMO.I'd have to dig up my 3 ring binder of the photos of that job.I was the AME
  4. Ability to sign in on the Forums is hit & miss.More Miss than hit tho.
  5. Niagara's New Rides

    Yes, hooks on the 130B4, on the 130T2,no.Not yet anyway.The new fuel bladder is housed in an metal "box" so to speak and is designed to come out of the box via the bottom on a hard landing.
  6. Niagara's New Rides

    Interesting to see that the "official" AHC press release says that besides sight seeing, the a/c will be used for external loads .Unfortunately with the redesign of the fuel system, you cannot install a hook on this a/c.It was probably designed for the tourist trade, i.e, Grand Canyon /Papillion, Blue Hawaii etc.
  7. Have you checked with Gary or Richard at Airbus Helicopters in Ft. Erie ?We did a calculation after doing the new original empty W and B, prior to the test flts.
  8. Have you checked with Gary or Richard at Airbus Helicopter in Ft. Erie?
  9. Long Line With Ec-135

    No floor window in the EC135
  10. Go Pro Camera

    Check out the new VIRB & VIRB Elite by Garmin.It's getting pretty good reviews from what I've been reading.
  11. They might want to rethink that front windscreen unless they want to go the Eurocopter route & keep a lot of spares in stock a la the EC 130s & 120s.TechTool probably has a leg up on it already-at least on paper.
  12. As350 Type Course Locations

    Just a word of caution if you go to AEC in Texas.From what I understand, AEC has dropped their Transport Canada training approval.Check it out before you spend the $$.
  13. I just happen to have a couple of those crests, the original Dominion & a Pegasus crest. Oh yeah, & an original Dominion hat. I'll keep 'em for now
  14. Joined Dominion in fall 71. Saw it become Dom-Peg , then Okie. Most of it in 7-Iles. Was there with Elvis & some others on this forum, but old age is setting in.Left in 76 for Coast Guard until 79.With Ont Hydro 79-2000. At ECL ever since. Just building 1:1 full scale flying models now. My brother was also in 7-Iles & l is in his 30 plus years with Cdn Int'l
  15. Airworthiness Directives

    In most cases yes, the mod kits are free. We have been supplying the correct Geneva parts since the day their bulletin came out. As per usual, It took the Americans 12 months to figure this out. Normally, from past experience, they take 18-24 months to issue an AD that was originally issued by the Type Certificate holder.They were flyin on this one!