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  1. Hey all! I was wondering if we could get more active within our forum community here.I noticed there are about a billion and a half good pilot sites out there (only the Canadian ones matter). And alot of them are really active amongst their users in terms of knowing and meeting each other. I propose some sort of meetings or contests to attract more pilots, and to build a real network. www.Jetthrust.com the other pilot site i am a frequent visitor in has almost a monthly meeting amongst its members to speak about up coming jobs and to really network. They also get a monthly draw for 100$, 50$, and 25$ for thier users. We have alot of sponsors as well, maybe we could get doing something along those line. (i won last months grand prize! :-p ) Anyways just a thought in to maybe provoke our members to be more active within thier pilot network. Let me know what you think! -Phil
  2. Ok, The test was fiarly straight forward. Basically REALLY general math (adition, subtraction. THen some minor algebra, some triangle stuff... blah blah blah... Then there is normal english like, read this and answere these questions. And finally general aviation knowledge. like real simple stuff, your flying northm you turn 15 degrees east what direction are you going... shows a cessna, this is A) 747, DC 9, C) cessna. Its a fairly simple test. No calculator allowed so make sure your good at writing out yoru work on a seperate piece of paper, be quick but also accurate! -Phil
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