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  1. So your flying over water and you have a engine failure or engine fire. You enter an autorotation and carry out the best auto of your life and are now sitting on top of the water all proud. But which way would you roll the aircraft? Would you roll it onto your side or onto the passengers side? Had an interesting discussion about this and I am curious as to other people's opinion and the reasons why.
  2. This was posted on the AvCanada forums by Clive Scott a rep from the College of Professional Pilots and explains a little more as to what they hope to achieve and provide for pilots with the in the industry. His post was in response to concerns and worries that fix wing pilots had expressed within the AvCanada forum. My name is Clive Scott and I am a board member and Western Regional Director for the College of Professional Pilots of Canada. I have been in the business for 28 years, spending the last 10 years at Westjet and have experience in charter, training, and ag operations. Fi
  3. I was passed on this organizations name ( http://www.collegeofpilots.ca/Home.aspx ) by my fixed wing cousin, who mentioned that they are looking for rotor wing pilots to represent the rotary side of aviation. I have email addresses for one of the organizors as well as the Western Regional Representative, if you would like them then please pm and I will pass them on. I realize that it alot of it is related more towards the fix wing side of operations. Having talked to one of the organizers when the first started setting up the organization. He did talk about trying to represent the rotary
  4. I too have to honor my wife. When we meet I was already flying, and she was willing to accept that I would be away for long periods during our marriage. But she made a big sacrifice because a week after we got married she quit her job, moved to Canada and then I left for work the next day. Leaving her in a new country with no friends and a new job, and not once did she complain. (She does use it against me every now and then when I p*** her off!! But that fairs! ) Thanks for being an understanding wife.
  5. Just saw the news announced on BBC as well. Hoping that it turns out well. Thoughts with all involved.
  6. HappyChappy (name altered to protect the identity of those involved) rumbling up to apply for the job as it is a job for a canadian. :punk:
  7. Thats because all of us foreigns (Kiwis, Aussies, Brits), who normal take all the jobs, can't play hockey. :o
  8. "looking for contract pilot for 09 season, experience 206b, as315b,MBB bo 105ls , should have,firearms PAC certificate,have held a hunting and fishing license in the past 3 years and play hockey, all considered an asset. opportunity to invest in aircraft may be dicussed ...." Great to see some of the priorities for this job are Hunting license and Hockey. Now that is a true Canadian job.
  9. Where in Quebec are you starting? I have complete the route several times in the last couple of years. The two routes I have used depending on the weather has either been via Val D'Or - Timmins - geraldton - dryden - kenora and then to Winni or around the great lake if the weather is not too bad. North bay around the lake to thunder bay (at either wawa or marthon they did have self serve fuel) and then there is a small airport after thunder bay before winni (I have a memory of a sieve) but the guy there was awesome, i think it was Atikan or something Also what are you flying becaus
  10. (Un)Happyguy Thought you would like to know but Old Bull is a landed immigrant in this country, as I am. I have found that getting a job here and keeping it takes; hard work, getting on with the job in some sh1tty conditions and making sure that the job you do is done to the best of your ability. Some times you have to work with people you don't get on with or feel should not be doing the job, but it better to get on with the job and be professional then become known as a whinner. I have yet to be told to "Go Home Foreigner" by anyone I have worked with or met anyone who has a
  11. Seismic is supposed to busy this winter. I know that Veritas will be running 10 crews through some of the winter which is more than they usually do and they are bring guys from the states to help out. My neighbor is project manager for a seismic company and he mentioned that everybody that he knew in the industry said they were very busy this winter. Some drill companies have gone from flying the drills to using track drills as all their work is accessible by the vehicles. I think we have been very fortunate with the industry over the last few years with the amount of work we have had. I
  12. The pro-rate I got was $120 for $500,000 from AMA through Manulife, but when I went to Manulife direct they quoted $480 for the same amount Not sure how that works!!!
  13. I looked for six months to try and find non pro-rated insurance, the only way they would not pro-rate me is by not covering my flying :shock: . Even now the insurance will not cover me for any training towards a license. But the best rate I got was through AMA and it was $120 per month compared to $450 by the next best offer. Its alot but when you have a family its worth it.
  14. It has been commented on that Canadian Immigration are issuing visas to people for pilot specific work. Unless the pilot has a skill that no other Canadian or resident has, only then will a visa be granted. What happens in most cases with pilots is that they come over on a Working Holiday Visa valid for a year. They find a job and then if the company likes them, when the visa expires, the company can ask for the visa to be extended for an other year. At the same time the same number of holiday visas are issued to canadians to go to that country and work. So say while 10,000 visas a
  15. Blackmac, I cannot remember if you are associated with either HAC or HEPAC or even none, but I was hoping that one of the associations may be looking into putting forward a proposal. As we know CBAA got such great marks in their last audit!!!!! :shock: So not an organization that I want running the licensing. If we are going to end up with four different organizations (one for fix-wing, one for helicopters, one ame fix-wing and one for ame helicopter) running different sides it could be a nightmare for we people trying to transfer between them. But if we could get say HAC or HEPAC
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