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  1. Very well said, Geoff. Best regards, Jerry Cutler
  2. Terry, please quit being so condescending. There is a large body of information on this accident - FROM MANY DIFFERENT SOURCES - that is widely available with some very elementary internet research. Once you have the relevant information, form your OWN conclusions rather than asking me to interpert the data for you.
  3. I am not, "keeping these additional facts secret". This information is widely available to anyone who is capable of basic research. I suggest you read the material and form your own conclusions.
  4. To state, "... taking off 1400 lb. overweight and limping along until colliding with a tree ... ", is a wildly simplistic explanation of what actually happened and a gross insult to the crew. I have 3000+ hours in the accident aircraft when she was C-FOKP and am very familiar with the alleged incorrect empty weight issue. Regarding the alleged fuel control malfunction and subsequent power loss - I suggest you do some research, as I have. Regarding all of the other mitigating facts surrounding this accident - ditto. Finally, 'Grasshopper', if you believe all accident investigat
  5. Interesting comment - unfortunately, that's not even close to what actually happened.
  6. Headin' for Pat Bay - again! Some great memories:
  7. So long, Spike, I'll miss you my friend. Love to Sherri and the kids. Jerry
  8. I completely agree, and ... ... done - for lifetime achievement. ps Jan has been "retiring" for as long as I have know him - that's about 40 years now.
  9. So long, old friend. Our heartfelt condolences to your family.
  10. Well, a number of people have pm'd me and/or phoned me this morning in complete support of my position. They, and I should have learned this myself by now, have abandoned any comment on this forum. And that's very good advice, I reckon. Not that any of this matters a rat's patoot anyway.
  11. Canadian transportation laws are the mirror image of the "Jones Act" enacted in 1935 in the USA. Yah think Bubba's gonna change them? Finally, my response reflects my frustration with abject stupidity.
  12. Would you prefer I said, "man"? She is female, get over it!
  13. And now, for our entertainment, the opinion of our resident village idiots, "suddenstop and mmike".
  14. Woman, you are clueless. THE CANADIAN TRANSPORTATION ACT CLEARLY STATES THAT ALL CANADIAN TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES MUST BE 75% CANADIAN OWNED. THE "JONES ACT" IN BUBBALAND SAYS THE SAME THING. Alpine has been 100% American owned for more than 6 years. What about this situation do you not understand?
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