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  1. Quite a few low timers are getting their start with oil companies doing pilot/operating with R44's. The only thing is that they get used to the schedule and the money and continue on with it without doing anything else in the industry. Also there's pipeline surveillance that allot of them are getting their starts doing tech work in the co-pilot seat then after a year they become the PIC and actually fly quite a bit once they get going. But there still are some oil companies that have a low hr requirement to fly their operators around, not many though.
  2. I do agree with your comments Rotor, I believe no company should hold out on any training needed to complete the job in a safe manner. The company i am with now are professional in that manner and couldn't be happier working here. In my comment about no company being any different i guess i didn't mean it in the way that all companies do it, but i wouldn't be surprised if at one time they have.
  3. I had started for this company as a low time pilot in the past and worked for quite a few seasons and at the time it had a good mentoring program. We were brought into it really slowly, even took a couple seasons just to get anywhere. But over the years as it expanded and there was always a demand for pilots, the training and the mentoring were rushed quite a bit more, would be no different at any other company. And the pilots didn't always say no when they were bumped up too quickly. We were trained all the same and learned by experience where not to be and what to do, i experienced from
  4. Horrible news, condolences to friends and family. Fly safe out there.
  5. Reading the article in Vertical "One size doesn't fit all", one part says that European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and FAA have both decided to abandon the one size fits all approach to managing pilot fatigue. And in both cases that they ironed out regulations for the large airlines and with the regs pertaining to the smaller operators to be addressed in the future. I really don't see why we can't do the same.
  6. When I had gone to Great Slaves school in Villeneuve I remember the instructor stopping the clock whenever we landed. I figure that's close enough to air time.
  7. Very sad to hear, condolences to friends and family of everyone on board.
  8. Rest in Peace Matt, sympathy to friends and family.
  9. They only charge the pilots 25hrs if they don't have any turbine time, if you show up with enough time to meet their insurance requirements then all you pay is for the initial training and PPC. This is what happens when you go to a school and only pay for Piston time and want to work somewheres that only fly turbines. Atleast at icefield you don't have to sit around for a whole summer, you get flying within weeks. Sure you would deal with alot of bullshit, but we're all in it for the same reason.
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