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  1. Yes, they saw it on the news. thought it looked unsafe and were wondering what I thought and what the rules were.
  2. Nice video on local news Chanel about giving his dog a ride for his birthday.
  3. Blackmac and Don, their name was ORNGE NOT ORANGE, the A stood for Accountably, they did not need it and took it out.
  4. Or call Parm, at CYXX and ask him. He knows everything that happens at the airport. Just use the main airport admin number and ask for Parm.
  5. Get the ipad, not the mini I have had it in a Robinson 44 for a few years, bought the bad elf but never needed it. The bigger screen is nice for situational awareness and easier on old eyes.
  6. There has been a lot of talk about auto training. What is the feeling here about the risks of training vs the posable rewards I ask this as a story just broke in California of another fatal crash of an R22 doing auto training
  7. I have been led to believe it is Gerry Vissor. He has a Rotorways and lives close to there. He owns Island Express Air out of Abbotsford but got a Rotorways a few years ago and had a similar issue a couple of years back.
  8. I found it a bit odd that neither CADORS or TSB list the ident or owner. Was it Jerry?
  9. Thank Phil.It is free, and free is a good price.If you like/want/need that type of mapping, I have Topo Maps. It cost 7 bucks but is optimized for the iPad size screen and does lots of stuff like waypoints , name search, tracks. I was on a search in the mountains north of Mission, BC last year. Searched Topo Maps for the location of a small stream were the person was supposed to be. Topo Maps took me to the stream and then I could do a contour crawl up the side hills. Best $7 is spent. Admittedly, the second $3 Starbucks grande before leaving was a tactical error.
  10. Hi Phil Did you meen that there is an iPhone app with Canadian VNC? Air Nav Pro does a good job of showing the controlled air spaces and situational awareness Dean
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