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  1. Dear Split Pin I appreciate you taking the time to explain, and your words of caution! I am assured that if the helicopter was overloaded it was not during my sons work period and that there are other reasons that might precipitate the damaged pieces. Apparently he has a electronic box in the helicopter that tells him if anyone has flown the machine badly, too hard, fast etc. My son had some unsavory words regarding these latter comments, but that I blame on his Father, who was often hot-headed when facing any criticism. However the point is somewhat moot, as there is a f
  2. Hi. My name is Helen and I'm a helicopter pilots mother. I am reading some books on helicopters and when my son comes home to visit I want to surprise him with my technical knowledge. I have only one problem that I don't have any. But he is bringing a new girl with him (Well she's 39 and divorced so she's not really a girl) and I really want to impress my son in front of her. She by the way knows even less than I about helicopters... So here are the questions that I hope someone can help me with. What is a liftlink and what does it do and where is it exactly. I know they replac
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