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  1. a "cull" has happened a couple times there. so being in july really dosnt matter. its slow so removing some selected should not be a surprise.
  2. NEXT QUESTION IN THE SAME AREA: does having a 205 indorsement and the add on twin-pac endorsement equal signing on a 212
  3. just recently delt with the Victoria office. My questions and issues were all done professionally. with a smile. Someone that actually enjoyed there job and meeting the people.
  4. just a guess.......jammed compressor. being N1....funny noises...... could it be the starter bearings and or shaft. change engines......same starter/generator. just a guess.....2 engines with same issues for turbomecca.. not too likely... 1d1 engines are pretty tough. pretty realiable.
  5. i agree with picapart. who really cares....oh wait. theres a 737 way up there. wonder who they are and where they are going?
  6. i was somehow hoping that he would be found ok along the river. I am sad that this was not the case. worked along side Cowboy Bob at GSH. Although never worked on a job together. He was always friendly and acknowledged all in the hanger. Thoughts are with all that have worked along side at both GSH and ERH, and family
  7. I agree with Happyguy here. why are we writing him off. I know it dosn't look good and it is rough down there. I am hoping too that he is maybe hurt and cant call for help and hung up somewhere. Just cant see him. lets get him first. Thoughts are with and the crew hunting him down
  8. thats why there is a thread inwhich BC Forestry is in discusion. Set the rules and not having to make the other guy look bad. If all flights were carried out. there is no issues. If there was an incident, hate to see the fallout. We all bend the rules abit. keep it safe this summer.
  9. Not a road i would choose. You are going out make money for the company, and you are not wanting any return. crazy. everyone else in the company making money, but you. On the other hand, i do know of a person that worked a year getting his 1st year ops/hanger work for free. next year got his ride. Doing well now. Don't set the bar too low. i know it is tough out there. but you are worth something.
  10. HHS program is excellent. not certified because the engine manufactures are not getting a cut. Great trend monitoring, put your maintenance into the chart. and all your aircraft. I did the first few with both to get the confidence in the program, and when i see big changes in performance. Just remember to -4 from OAT for your FDC filter. Its in section 5 of the supplyment. thats not too hard to do. Cost was not an issue. use the trial, see if you like it. Not a lot of money, $49.00 per type. well worth it.
  11. Matrix is a one stop broker for the customer. Say an exploration company is going to the north. They will put the camp in, run it, arrange helicopter service as well as fixed wing. The customer just makes one call. As far as helicopters. they use companies that may have machines sitting and can be used. May get the helicopter a little cheaper and they can make something for finding it work. They do all the hiring of companies to run the camp. and the customer just does there job Been in many Matrix camps. well run.
  12. well, i,ve been wrong before. but i was sure, that i saw on the news and an article with the scheduled flight carrier and the operator at Blackcomb. and the debate went on of the restrictions. why they didn't contact you? who knows.
  13. sure there will be closures and restricted airspace. don't think that there will be a large amount of time to say where and when. If there are anyone that wants to violate that space, sure not going to give lots of time to figure loop holes in the system. The companies that are working the Whistler/ Vancouver corador i believe have already been talked to of there needs for access.
  14. If you are on the LTS course in Dawson Feb 16-20 and driving through Grande Prairie. I rather catch a ride and not need to rent a car for a week. Can share gas or pay my way, no trouble. not looking for a free ride. just don't think i need a car while i am there for a week. Looking forward to seeing some old faces and the new ones for the week. TAZ
  15. I am on the LTS course in Dawson Creek Starting Feb 16. I am flying in on Aircanada getting into Grande Prarie on the Sunday the 15th at 1515. Looking for someone that can give me a ride into Dawson. Can either pay gas or bevy's Not looking for a free ride. just a ride. Can either PM me or send me an email. sailingon@mail.com Thanks in advance
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