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  1. Hello to all, I'm joining this Topic just now. I'm flying in Switzerland and we must log the time in two different matters: on machine logbook we must log the (from Pilot recorded) effective flight time, skid or wheels off / skid or wheel on! That's Count for components retairing and / or overhaul. Pilot logbook we must record the Rotor Turning Time (self explaining); just by one single helicopter it is then funny to record it: LAMA, because you may stop the rotor without shut down the engine.In this second case it can happen (in bigger Airports) that the time you have to wait on groun
  2. Hi JetA1Burner, me too actually, but with temperatures turning below zero, I feel somehow unconfortable while resting for many hours while logging I'm now looking for artica overall, and maxillo face shield for my Alpha Helmet, it is cheaper than afford the cost of an EASA certification for the VIH bubble! Keep safe, so long!
  3. Great all your replies.... well bubble or not it just depend from the job your'e ask to do. My, until today, working place was this As you see, a kind of holiday job in a super small performer! I wonder if the GX would do the same! Cheers and STAY SAFE
  4. Hi chopterlol, hi TopFuel, this GX has the DART one, and yes my Alpha is really BIG, but is also new and is really a pleasure to tray even the whole day, and furthermore .....I cannot afford another one just to fit the door... What about your experiences??
  5. Hello to ALL, I wonder if I´m the only pilot worldwide who has troubles while external loading because the bubble window protrude simply too little , and because the helmet shape (Alpha Eagle) doesn´t allow to turn the head to monitor the panel (yes, we have a BINGO new GX!). Let me know, thanks and STAY SAFE
  6. Hello AH, could you provide me more info about the tools? Are they in good shape and still usable? I know a certified EASA Part 145 which could be very interessed, but I need more info. :punk: Cheers
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