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Hello all, I'm fairly new to Vertical Magazine, and I thought a forum on safety would be a good thing for all of the helicopter folks out there. I'm currently the safety officer at Coast Guard Air Station Miami, and I've had quite a bit of safety training with the US Navy and CG, and several civilian schools. My opinions are my own, and do not reflect that of the CG.


Hopefully the safety professionals out there can use this forum to discuss safety issues, post helpful information to improve upon our safety programs and help each other out. Also, one great thing we do in the CG is review mishaps that occur at our units, large or small and write out what happened and why and lessons learned. If anyone has a good story and something to learn from it, let's hear about it, learn from each other to help each other do our jobs that much better.


Also, if anyone has any ideas for stories, or would like me to look into anything of interest, post it here, and hopefully we'll get you answers, links or some sort of useful information.


Fly Safe,


Brent Bergan

Contributing Editor

Vertical Magazine

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