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  1. At $98/day including incidentals in Canada right now
  2. Back in my 350 days, I would only lift up the cover during the larger inspections to get it really clean. In the field Just do what Heliian described. most of the grease you don't get with an acid brush will fling out on the first flight.
  3. Annnnnd 20 years later we get seven 412epi for the CCG. Another inadequate aircraft for the mission. All because of CanCon.
  4. The fire bottles are not indipendent systems it’s one ststem with two bottles. You are able to discharge both bottles, one after the other, on one power section. The plumbing goes to piccolo tubes located underneath the power section and accessory gearbox area. The fire handle you select will determine the side the extinguisher agent will go to. As far as heat reaching to the other fire loop, I would say unlikely but not impossible. I would look for electrical faults first.
  5. Speaking from experience, as a front line worker, my earning potential in the private industry was much higher than in government. Public sector wages also fall behind inflation. Historically we average about 1.5. Currently we are looking at getting 0% over the next two years. So every year inflation goes up I get a pay cut. Also, in the private industry I had the ability to negotiate my salary based on my skill and demand. In public I have to be ok with that the taxpayer (Treasury Board) is willing to pay. From my point of view our union is largely powerless as far as compensation in concerned. We have people turning down jobs because the pay isn’t enough. I reject your notion that the frontline AMEs and pilots are paid more than their private sector equivalents. Why don’t I go back to private? Quality of life is greatly improved. You can’t put a $$ value on that.
  6. This right here. I have yet to have one of my “privatize it all” friends explain how they think a for profit entity can deliver the SAME service for less. There will always be compromise. Even at first glance it looks cheeper (initial contract) there will always be “added costs” at the end of the day. Just look at the maintenance contract for the CH-146 fleet. The taxpayer is getting totally ******. But at least Bell is still making profits, am I rite!!
  7. So a mistake was made at the TC office that reviewed his application. The definitions in the CARs are pretty clear. The only grey area that I can think of is an aircraft that’s certified as normal category but has the ability to operate at MGTOW higher than 7000lbs, Like the Bell 429
  8. https://cabinradio.ca/9144/news/economy/great-slave-helicopters-losing-millions-files-for-protection/
  9. Although relevant info, I'm sure OP would want to know that this position is government and therefore not typical of everywhere else in the industry.
  10. Love when people outside the government have sweeping generalizations about how those within government work. Keep in mind the age of the people in solved was quite young. They were all a long way from their pensions. This is simply not true, BC uses twin engine aircraft for all operations carrying passengers. Many operators have tried to bring twins with Fenestrons/NOTARS in to the market (MD900, EC135) with varying success. Hydro One Helicopters has one of the best safety records in the entire Canadian helicopter industry. All while performing very high risk operations. Are you saying they've just been lucky this whole time and that the AS350 is a ticking time bomb with regards to safety? There is simply no such thing as a 100% safety margin.
  11. Yes someone probably made a mistake. We all make mistakes, we are human. Maybe consider that the mistake was made by one of the deceased. Having that information public while the family and friends are still mourning would serve no practical purpose. My condolences to all involved.
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