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  1. I remember Great Slave having a “home made” rack made from plywood. It’s was actually a really nice design. Maybe someone on here is still up in YK and has access to a photo or even better the plans to build one.
  2. It's kind of nauseating that almost every thread in here eventually diverts to some offhanded remark about Trudeau. You guys are more obsessed with him than the ladies who work in my office.
  3. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5613239
  4. You should throw this in the employment section too.
  5. No, it's not. Charlie Brown gave you your answer. Bell 212 or UH-1N Also, the MGTOW of the 214B is 16 000 lbs not 20 000 Lbs
  6. It doesn't quite fit the definition of privately owned company, but as an operator, I think Hydro One had some of the first commercial helicopters in Canada. A Bell 47 in 1949 was their first.
  7. Another thread on here that’s proven to be completely useless. I honestly don’t know why Vertical chooses to keep this forum open.
  8. I have worked with many "professionals" who have been in this industry longer than I've been alive, who literally couldn't add. Time does not equal experience/expertise. You may very well be a highly skilled and respected person in this industry but that is a crap argument for your case.
  9. Theres at least two more than what's on this list, they just aren't C- registered yet. People be crazy I tell ya.
  10. At $98/day including incidentals in Canada right now
  11. Back in my 350 days, I would only lift up the cover during the larger inspections to get it really clean. In the field Just do what Heliian described. most of the grease you don't get with an acid brush will fling out on the first flight.
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