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  1. Gee, stay away from the forum for a day, and all **** breaks loose! Blackmac: Please refer to me to the document that indicates that “TC regs are not written in stone, they are there to protect the public from operators that are making a buck from breaking the minimums.” I assume from your statement that we can pick and choose which regs we will obey in any given situation as long as we are not making a buck. Of course to that I say “Baloney”! Whirlygirl: Fair enough. 407 Driver: It’s not the fact that Cpl. Jennings received the recognition, and I hope that’s not what is being t
  2. I don’t begrudge Cpl Jennings his medal – someone thought he deserved recognition and that someone may or may not understand the rules and regs that govern us. Cpl. Jennings humbly accepted the medal and good for him. I wasn’t there when he flew the mission. A snowstorm indicates reduced vis, but he got the job done. I know I’ve flown when I should not have, and I’ve survived it. I also know that I would not do it again – regardless of a patient’s condition. But when some of the posters here think they also deserve a medal for their day-to-day activities, when if fact they are jeopardizing the
  3. The problem with that attitude is that when you make the wrong choice, more people die. You, as the pilot, are supposed to know what the rules say, and the rules are there to keep you from killing more innocent people. It's one thing to put yourself at risk, and another to risk people's lives who don't understand the danger.
  4. Congratulations Pitchlink! It sounds like a regular IFR ride, so you did well! By that I mean you can be proud of your new shiny IFR ticket! I am also glad to hear of your respect for the inspector. I guess I've been lucky for the past 30 years of flying - all but one of my examiners have shown the professional attitude shown to you. Transport has some great people working there and a ride is a great place to reinforce what you know, and maybe even learn a few new things! But what I'm really impressed with, is your attitude: I really like the 'licence to learn' though
  5. Perhaps he's sheepish because he knows he could have been violated, but instead he received a medal. The line between a foolish flight and a heroic flight can be difficult to see - especially in a snow storm. Just thinking out loud.
  6. I have fond memories of Herman, the German! I obtained my instructor's licence under his tutelage in 1979 (or so). He has always been an outspoken and passionate supporter of free enterprise in the helicopter world! You always knew where you stood with Herman!
  7. Thanks for the free subscription VM! I'm looking forward to reading your fine magazine from home!
  8. Congratulations! The first job is the hardest one to get! I wish someone had suggested to me, what I am about to suggest to you. Take lots of pictures.... then add the special ones into your log book. 30 years later... you'll be glad you did. I started 10+ years ago after seeing the logbook of one of my peers, and now my log book is a joy to 'read'. I've included small stories with the pictures, and it's not unusual for one of my kids to pick it up and read it! It's a wonderful keepsake. In the world of electronic log books, it won't hurt to keep a hardcopy book with lots of p
  9. I think the exercise taught to this fledgling student was inappropriate. I learned to fly helicopters in 1973, and I don't think anyone even KNEW there was such a thing as Vortex Ring state!! I don't recall hearing about it for another 10 years, after my initial training! I think it should definitely be taught... but not in the first few hours! Our company located in Alberta, reviews Vortex Ring State and Settling with Power, definitions, and appropriate response, annually in our PPC/PCC exams. It is then reviewed verbally during the flight test. Hopefully you
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