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  1. Static balalce it first if anything got changed. Other than that, 206 series is pretty straight forward if you follow the manual
  2. Saw this once with brass colored metal in the filter bowl. Turned out to be coming from the fuel nozzle from the refueling trailer getting scraped on the filler neck when refueling.
  3. I think it's the helicopter gods telling you that you need to pull it off once put it in a box and leave the 55 pound paperweight off. Pulled it off about a year ago, haven't missed it.
  4. Money is an issue but I think you nailed what I see as a big part of the problem. MEDICAL PEOPLE calling the shots on an aircraft. Like I said earlier, treating a helicopter like a ground ambulance is bad news. I did the EMS gig, watching nurses or hospital admin types run a program is like watching a monkey fornicate with a football. Actually the monkey is more fun, generally he won't make a dumb decision and get someone killed. I'd like to think there will be changes, but in a week we'll be back to the EMS wild west show.
  5. Neville, I used to work EMS and I can't figure it out either. Have the mins for hiring pilots (and mechanics) slipped, is competition so stiff now that it's revenue at all cost? What does the self appointed and all-so-important talking heads at CAMTS think? Personally, I think the aircraft are getting used like a ground ambulance and being opterated as such. Who's running the show? Med Crews or hospitals that really don't fully understand how this works? Someone needs to pull the curtain back at CAMTS and see what this scam is all about. (yep, I'm bitter...) How about HAI, maybe they could put some effort into this and not handing out awards. Last time the FAA "thought" about doing something, it was on the Part 91 legs of the flight. With patients onboard, these were Part 135 revenue flights. This should get interesting. Unfortunate for sure. I think the EMS Operators have had ample time to correct this in house. Now the FAA and lawyers will take over. This is getting a little crazy. 10 people get sick from tomatoes and the gov't goes nuts. Helicopters fall out of the sky and in a week it's old news.
  6. Well said. My 1 7/8 crowsfoot for 407 tailrotors is stamped made in china, works fine. But, I have busted no name wrenshes and have seen cheap 12 point sockets destroy nuts. I guess it comes down to how much you want to spend.... I have a putter I could have sold him for 3 dollars, it doesn't seem to work right for me. So it must be broken, it can't be my problem.
  7. Here's a link to the Stanley buying Facom and owning MAC. I got the Facom story from my SK guy and was hoping he was wrong. Nope...... http://www.stanleyworks.com/bu_facomtools.asp
  8. For NiCads, I use a Aeroquality TC-250A float charger to keep them "topped up" after they get serviced. Makes a big difference. NiCads lose a good deal of charge sitting in the box, then when you install it, the aircraft doesn't ever seem to get it back to a real good top charge. Agree with using the powercart (turbo-starts are SWEET) when you can.
  9. I have a sweet Facom 1/4 drive ratchet had if for about 10 years and don't ever touch SnapOn one. BUT.....Stanley now owns the rights to Facom. At least in the US. When they bought Mac Tools it went in the crapper. Get a set of 30/60 degree off set wrenches from snap on. (1/4" up to 7/8") If you cant afford the set buy the 9/16, 11/16 and 5/8" ones to do b-nuts. Also a snap on "S" box end wrench, one end is 3/8 and the other is 5/16. Works great for RR fuel controls and Pt gov's, also the bomb for bell hydraulic pump nuts. Craftsman is good to have around, when that late night comes around and you have to take a torch and a grinder to a wrench. You'll cry less than you would doing a heat and beat on a Snap-On at 2am.
  10. I've heard about this before, while I get the spirit of the reg, I still think it's a little retarded. I can half understand it if you're working in the hangar but, in the field out of a pelican case.... You think a guy would get a gold star stuck to his forehead for remembering to use anit-seize in the field. Instead he gets the MSDS stapled to his back and they clip the corner of his certificate. I see your point Spar, maybe a card in the box showing the lot numbers and maybe a date, but I'm drawing the line at MSDS's. I need the space for expense reports!!!
  11. No too far to climb up the head. 206/407 and 350 guy in the US. Hoping to take the TC CARS exam this year..if I can get a straight answer from Transport Canada!!
  12. I have a collection of small jelly jars like you get in a hotel (if you get lucky and get to stay in an hotel) Each is filled with all the consumable stuff like Mastinox, Blackbear, never-seize, one with Bell Assembly fluid, Eurocopter varnish for the ground straps on the blades. I chop off little acid brushes and leave them in the jar. The one I wind up lending out most is the jar of crisco for doing 250 seals.. That and a hammer and a bottle opener...........
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