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  1. hi bagswinnger thanks for your reply on this post . you can contact me trough my email adress : [email protected] and i will give you more infos and update about northwall coming in canada. i do have a L size demo right now here in the country and probably a couple more coming soon . The thing to tighten the back is really nice i can say . and it s very compact even with the dual inner visors , no more banging on the door frame or window when longlining all day ! looking forward to hear from you . JB And a message for twitch , i totally agree with you , a while ago it was not really easy to communicate with thoses guys , lots of waiting , and what you said is all true , but it s because of this that we now try to bring a better service with this helmet brand wich is very nice . just need to have someone here in canada to take care of it and now we are ..
  2. Hi there , Good thing that i found randomly your post about the northwall flight helmets. As of now there s a dealer and distributor for the northwall products here in canada ! We will annouce it very soon on forums , website etc .. So if you need anything for your helmet that you just purchased , any questions , we will be pleased to help you. If you are happy about your northwall helmet please spread the word about the new dealer in canada. We are a helicopter company based in campbell river , BC , called 49 north helicopters.You can find our contact details on the webpage of our website. We will take care of selling the northwall products and customer support across the country. less problems of shipping and costs , also . Happy flights JB
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