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  1. A fundraising campaign, organized by the Moosonee paramedics, is being undertaken to help raise money to support the families of those that died in the Ornge helicopter crash. Monies raised, through the sale of Ornge t-shirts and sweater, are going towards the families of: Captain Don Filliter First Officer Jacques Dupuy Primary Flight Paramedic Dustin Dagenais Primary Flight Paramedic Chris Snowball The money raised will be split evenly between the four families of those that were killed. Please help support the families by visiting http://teespring.com/7793
  2. You're right, it is laughable on many levels. Last year I dealt with lawyers on three occasions due to the forums where I had to identify people due to misinformation that was being posted. As I said, the original post, in my opinion, was a simple question. But that question is up to interpretation by the company involved. And let's all be honest, the thread would have gone down hill quickly. I'm sure you would all agree that it is rare for us to pull down entire threads. And we can all agree that it's laughable for us to do it in this case. But at the end of the day it is me that has to deal with the company(s) and try to defend the forums for what they are...it is a very hard balancing act. But sometimes it is just in everyone's best interests to submit than to fight. Mike
  3. Sorry for the late response to the posts. I am away on March Break. It is infortunate that many feel that this is about advertising dollars. Couldn't be further from the truth. The post that was made is up to interpretation. How I interpreted it is not the same way that the operator in question interpreted it, nor many of the people on this forum. So, do I want to fight this out with a lawyer after I have been threatened with one? No. What I am trying to do is protect EVERYONE from having to deal with this because I tell you what, if a lawyer is coming after me, he's coming after who ever made the post as well. Those of you that know me personally know that we would not put the interests of the advertiser first in a case like. I did this in the best interest of the person that made the post. It is as simple as that. I had some long conversations with people at HeliExpo about the forums, the positives and the negatives. Yes it is a public forum, and we do our best to control the Threads. We are definatley not perfect. But we try our best. Dealing with forum issues is not as simple as one thinks. Being threatened with legal action is a regular concern for us. I'm just trying to mitigate those that are making the posts from getting involved. I'm not doing this because of the advertiser. Mike
  4. I just removed a post in regards to the closing down of an operator. This is false! Unless you know for certain that a company has closed its doors, do not make any posts of any kind about the company. This is misleading information, and goes against our forum rules of conduct. Should the said operator want the identity of the person spreading the misinformation, we will be obliged to provide it to them. So, it is in everyone's best interest to refrain from spreading misinformation here on the forums. Please feel free to contact me directly should anyone require further information regarding our rules of conduct. Thank you. Mike Reyno [email protected] Publisher Vertical Magazine
  5. As many of you know, we have been dealing with website issues for the past several weeks. Much of this has to do with malicious attacks that were being made on the site. In an effort to mitigate further attacks in the future the website will be offline, starting at approximately 1AM (eastern) for several hours as we move to a new server. This not only means better security features, but also a site that will be much faster. We expect that if all goes well, we should be live within a few hours. I appreciate everyone's patience as we continue to work at resolving issues with the website. Again, if anyone has any comments or complaints, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] Thank you! Mike Reyno Publisher.
  6. After a very long delay, I am happy to announce that our forums are FINALLY back in operation. As some of you are aware, the Vertical website was compromised about a month ago. After weeks of investigating, we discovered several vulnerabilities in the software that was being used for the forums. It was those vulnerabilities that allowed hackers to infiltrate the Vertical site. But it wasn't just Vertical they hit. Hackers managed to infiltrate thousands of websites around the world using the same software. Not only have we changed the software that we are using for the forums, we have also been able to implement additional security features that will ensure that this does not happen again in the future. This obviously took much longer to implement within the Vertical website than what we had originally planned for. But, we wanted to be sure that we were able to mitigate from future cyber attacks on the site. I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused our forum members. But it was a necessary inconvenience in order to ensure the continued security of the Vertical website. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Should anyone wish to contact me, or have questions, please feel free to send me a PM or email me at [email protected] Mike Reyno Publisher
  7. As some of you may already now, the Vertical website was compromised a few weeks back. We have been working as quickly as possible to get the site back 100 percent to what it was prior to being compromised. This is taking a bit longer than we thought. We are about 95 percent completed, but it is that 5 percent that is proving to be a bit difficult, which includes the forums. We hope to have this rectified as soon as possible. In the coming week or so, we will be shutting down the website for maintenance for approximately six hours. Included with this maintenance work will be new security measures. I will let everyone know about this when it happens. I apologize for the delays that we are experiencing. But, I appreciate everyone's patience as we work to solve this problem. Thank you! Mike Reyno Publisher
  8. A few Heli-Expos ago, I met a wonderful father and daughter who have their own helicopter operation. Sadly, we lost their info. Does anyone know of the helicopter company that I'm speaking about? I believe they were in Nortern BC. Thanks for your help! Mike
  9. When you register just to discredit a company, I have a problem with that. If you wish to discredit National Helicopters, then use your real name or your original pseudonym . I suggest that "Flameout" reads the rules of conduct again. Once you write something as fact, you can be held accountable by the company if they allegations are proven to be false. Earlier this year we were required to provide the identity of a few members that crossed the line. I'm trying to avoid the same thing from happening to "Flameout". Mike
  10. Please keep the thread on topic, and the insults down or it will be deleted! Mike
  11. In the next issue of Vertical, we are running a story on the fires that have been going on in Canada and the US. This means we are on the hunt for pictures of helicopters in action over the fires, pictures of AMEs working on the machines, machines sitting at the base camps - anything that would show the level of helicopter activity on the fires. Some of you have the best pictures out there, from the field and as it's happening. If anyone is interested in contributing images of helicopters working on the fires, please email them to me directly at [email protected] Thanks. Mike Reyno Publisher Vertical and Vertical 911
  12. Good point! I'm sure with every new helicopter type there will be teething pains for a while. I know weight is an issue with these 139s, but It is nice to see some new equipment after flying the S-76As for as long as they have. Mike
  13. I saw an Ornge AW139 fly by my window here in Kitchener the other day noticeably faster than the S-76A. Besides the increased speed, is the 139 working out as advertised for Ornge? Mike
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