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  1. Was just looking at the ciffc sit rep, do they not list the casual hire helicopters anymore??? WTF over
  2. no one predicted this cluster fukx
  3. Does anyone notice, that some of the best firefighting pilots, and engineers, are sitting at home in Canada while California burns year after year after year?????? On our off season. WTF over.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/high-stakes-helicopter-chase-at-centre-of-bc-cross-border-drug-smuggling-bust/ar-AAGsYMa?ocid=spartanntp
  5. Well, can't say I wasn't pickled in pickle lake with forestry or drillers leading the the way. But what are the ramifications of breaking the 12 hour rules? Which on a full 14 hour day, leaves zero time to have a drink with dinner? Prison? License suspension? Fines? Just curious as a retired guy, and feeling sorry for everyone but engineers. No duty day drinkers, lol
  6. Or is it 12? I retired last year so I no longer read the rules.
  7. Just wondering how 14 hours bottle to thottle is working out on the fires???
  8. This is going to work great for heli pilots in a camp, tent, or regular shytehole we live in, mostly. This is really for the overworked, spoiled, but union fixed wing WestJet style pilots saying yes to served meals in the COCKPIT. If there overworked? WTF are we doing? Anyway, u got 4 years to figure it out. And 12 hours bottle to throttle? Lol.
  9. Start out heli skiing. Sounds great. Maybe some firefighting on the side.
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