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  1. no one predicted this cluster fukx
  2. Does anyone notice, that some of the best firefighting pilots, and engineers, are sitting at home in Canada while California burns year after year after year?????? On our off season. WTF over.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/high-stakes-helicopter-chase-at-centre-of-bc-cross-border-drug-smuggling-bust/ar-AAGsYMa?ocid=spartanntp
  4. Well, can't say I wasn't pickled in pickle lake with forestry or drillers leading the the way. But what are the ramifications of breaking the 12 hour rules? Which on a full 14 hour day, leaves zero time to have a drink with dinner? Prison? License suspension? Fines? Just curious as a retired guy, and feeling sorry for everyone but engineers. No duty day drinkers, lol
  5. Or is it 12? I retired last year so I no longer read the rules.
  6. Just wondering how 14 hours bottle to thottle is working out on the fires???
  7. This is going to work great for heli pilots in a camp, tent, or regular shytehole we live in, mostly. This is really for the overworked, spoiled, but union fixed wing WestJet style pilots saying yes to served meals in the COCKPIT. If there overworked? WTF are we doing? Anyway, u got 4 years to figure it out. And 12 hours bottle to throttle? Lol.
  8. Start out heli skiing. Sounds great. Maybe some firefighting on the side.
  9. Here is what I do, and I teach the same, I send emails, to everyone. . DOM, engineer, ex wife, CP, OPS, QA, SMS. If your questioning it, they should respond, via email. I'll tell ya what, once that trail is in there inbox, and it goes wrong, I'll see them in ****, and my ex wife gets rich.
  10. Soooo sick of my providers over the last few years. I live in Canada and only need service for such. Any one care to recommend a great one. Data is what I really want. Third world countries have way better plans than we do in Canada. Such a rip off. Cheers
  11. Why can't I find it on cadors???
  12. Lol. Wild idea. Get an STC and throw some wheels on the A/C. Like the Schweitzer 300 and many others. Didnt say anywhere they had to work. Our great govt at work.
  13. You can choose the Date and aircraft category of heli near the bottom.
  14. What do u think of the ombudsman idea? They r pretty powerful and quick. Seein as how tc is never going to respond to you again. I think you should. I would also print out this discussion on vertical. Just in case it get shut down. There r massive differences between regions, that is well know. Cheers
  15. Yes we can't do that in Alberta or BC on forestry, they pay only skids up skids down and we play that way. But say seismic out here there is a large difference if your rocking the bags in.
  16. Yep. I was asked so I could fly longer. Just 1 time. And every company I've worked at out west, where I am right now, air time is skids up till skids down. Flight time was billing time. Big difference let's say on fire in Ontario, where you might be servicing fires and spooled down on the ground, your still being paid, but ac parts are not ticking away. Say you land 4 times in an hour and spool down for 6 min each time. Thats 1 hour flight and billing time, and .6 air time. It's that simple, and everyone I know does this.
  17. I am sure any reasonable ombudsman would see it your way. And there free and have power.
  18. I have never worked anywhere in 15 years where flight time and air time were equal
  19. Yes it is up for bid. I know of several large companies who bidded a few months ago. They just haven't announced the winner yet. The new contract starts in October, so they should announce soon. I assume
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