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  1. Never ran out of pedal or power in an Astar... Legally. 2 cents
  2. Have you considered the Gentex HGU-84? It's comparable in every way with the HGU-56 but has a much smaller shell and is very comfortable and light (not to mention it looks better). I also have a very small nugget and still had to go large although my head mesurements pointed to the medium. I have tried a Gallet and found it front heavy compared to the 84. I see a lot of guys wearing CEP and ANR with the gallet but I really don't feel the need for any of that with my 84. and I got mine from Kitchener Aero with a flex boom kit and a bag for under $2000. Quite the deal in my opinion. Good luc
  3. Working in the arctic with an Astar I like to use an 80 footer steel without electric hook. A spare 100' or so would always be nearby for the non windy days. I agree the shorter line is harder to see as it stays far behind the chopper, especially with the wind but the wind will also take the downwash away from the site. I find shorter line better for visual references with the ground, as sometimes the desolate aspect of the arctic can cause reference problems. I use the 100-130' on non windy days both to reduce the downwash on site and to better be able to see it on approaches. Using steel
  4. Ran my old faithful VW diesel on Jet A1 for three years so far without a glitch. I add 1 quart of ATF per tank. Starts a little better in the cold and seems to smoke a little less. I would not run it without any oil or additive because jet fuel is way too ''dry'' for a diesel injection system. The injection pump and the injectors need the lubrication provided by the diesel fuel so adding any kind of oil to jet fuel is a must. I found that ATF was cheapest and a very good detergent too. It's illegal in my area to run furnace oil (dyed diesel) in a road vehicle. I'm not sure how I could
  5. If you already have the L manual you're good. All the limitations and procedures are the same for the LR except the LR doesn't have the water-alcool system because it doesn't need it. I don't remember wether the LR is an STC'd L or a modified one but they are the same. The LR runs cooler but the limitations are the same. It's like running an L with the water-alcool all the time. I don't think there is such thing as a SD1. The SD2 is just an STC'd B2 so it will have a supplement in the B2 manual. Hope it helps, CT
  6. It's been good working with you Fred, best of luck!
  7. Sitting in northwestern Ontario: Seven weeks so far, dispached twice: First time got called-back and second time no fire found....Even if we had a fire going we couldn't keep it alive it's so wet Got bless the mins!
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