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  1. Not that it matters but the ATPL conversion test (test code ACH) is 40 questions....
  2. I just wrote the ACH (ATPL conversion) yesterday. I bought the ASA prepware app for the ipad and focused on Regulations and Flight Operations (around 420 questions). If you buy the books you should have the test code for all the required questions which you don't get with the app so the preperations wasn't ideal but sufficient to pass Good luck!
  3. I can recommend a basic IFR DVD course like Sportys.com offers. The savings on ground school should compensate for what you pay for those DVDs and to me it's definitely more interesting and entertaining to watch a DVD than reading a book. The only thing which makes the FAA IFR easier is the fact that you can purchase the questions for the written test but I don't think it's worth getting an additional rating. To get hired internationally I'm pretty sure that you'll need your ATPL first which means that you'll need a rating for a helicopter which requires two pilots for IFR (you can fi
  4. That job seems to pop up quite often so I'm wondering if it's worth checking out. Does anybody know any details about pay, location, quality of the flying done etc.? The 1000 hr requirement seems quite low considering an IFR rating is required. Any info would be appreciated - thanks!
  5. Also the lack of foreign workers... not many visas have been issued since pilots got scrapped from the desired foreign worker's list. STARS hired around 30 pilots for three new bases and like Ray mentioned lots of pilots are getting their IFR ticket to trade for a better life style, fixed salary and no more camping in tents in the North.
  6. I believe it is hard to get twin pic time without having an IFR rating... not much work out there except with a few 355s flying in the bush for oil companies. Currently it seems to be hard to get hired with a limited number of jobs available with low hours since there are quite a few experienced VFR pilots with IFR rating waiting for that opportunity as well. good luck!
  7. Not sure either which part SuddenStop was referring to... the fact that he mentioned that he enjoyed fighting fires?
  8. I didn't hear anything good about this company either. Considering that they would give you an endorsement on a Koala and you can fly a good looking B4 too it's strange that they still have to fish for 1000hr pilots at this time of the year. I also did hear that they do not pay you for the time you do your training with them... not even sure if that's legal... any thoughts?
  9. Tragic news.... I enjoyed flying with him...really sad. RIP
  10. CHL is using a machine from their NZ deal... pilots are CHL too but they won't have qualified cpts who meet the 412 requirements.
  11. Are those the "new" numbers? I've heard they got reviewed just recently. Also would be interesting to see the numbers for FOs - any idea??
  12. That must be captain pay... how about for FO's ...any idea?
  13. There are definitely less foreigners flying in Canada this year. I assume that a major reason is that all the temporary work permits are expired by now and can't get renewed or issued anymore. The remaining pilots with talent were either still employed or were picking the jobs with reputable companies EARLY this year. I've heard many times from pilots who were looking for work this spring that getting in touch with some of those companies which were advertising wasn't a pleasant experience if they mentioned that they've never moved a drill. Some of you mentioned that many are going the I
  14. Just in general I am really surprised someone could run this expensive equipment cost effective at all for EMS. You would never find a machine like this in Europe or in the US where they seem to do fine with Ec135/145 or at some places even with single engine aircrafts. I am with longliner that an upgrade of the S76 fleet to something more recent would probably have done the job as good for far less money.
  15. The initial idea was to use the 139 but the price tag of around 13 mio a pice makes the 117 look a lot more attractive. I assume they would use their existing 117s since they will be replaced by the 139s anyway.
  16. I always have to say that pilot5 did a great job with that overview for western Canada. As a contractor you should have around 13k per month min but no guarantee for more than 3 or 4 shifts. Your pay will go up if you have lots of mountain and precision longline experience and the demand for those skills is currently really high...lots of ads out there. IFR pay is not much better and especially for FOs really low (HeliJet, Stars etc)
  17. I've only flown the F1 and F2 and can confirm that they are very unpredictable. Mostly gauges, horn coming on during flight etc. The connectors behind the instrument panel are really not made for vibrations so you can imagine... Only heard goot things about the N, NP.
  18. The new postings are for the two new SK (Sask & Regina) bases they are negotiating for. The start won't be before early next year but I believe they want to start hiring earlier. A total of 20 IFR pilots will be required.
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