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  1. Good info. Just got a Samsung Tab 4. However, it takes ages to recharge. Is this a common problem? Great otherwise, especially being free of iTunes.
  2. Anyone who will re-think their position and apologize is well ahead of the pack.
  3. Right. I had a funny feeling that Lama wasn't quite correct.
  4. I think that was Karl Ziehe with Shirley. I believe that TNTA had a Lama which Doug and others flew.
  5. Good points from oil pressure. The thing to keep in mind is the guarantee, X number of hours no matter what. As with investing, it is the long-term return that counts. Besides, we are in industry with lots of uncontrolled variables. Take a few good books on your tour and enjoy the guarantee! Do you get paid to read or watch TV at home? Overall, averaged minimums are probably more beneficial than not in terms of total income. The other concept to work on, is pilot minimums, paid by the customer if the helicopter minimums are very low. The customer still gets the helicopter for a low
  6. Very good post, and good remarks from Skidz. Unlike some, I think you generally add more to this forum than not. Don't cancel your account, just wait an hour or overnight before hitting the send button! There is currently a lot of discussion and new information emerging about forum comments; Popular Science Magazine recently shut theirs off and have a good article on why they did that: http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-09/why-were-shutting-our-comments#0Eu6QUwXt1u3lp7R.03 Of course, the oxygen of a forum is its comments. The trick is for serious readers to hone their skills in c
  7. What??!! So is driving to California for the winter (wish I could). More than pilots, we are risk managers - eat well, sleep well and keep sharp, watch your fuel, density altitude, gross weight and land into wind! Re-assess your personal limits as the season progresses and you get tireder. Assess and manage the risks - you can always say no (but may be seeking a new employer). I think age may be less of a difficulty than your maturity and work experience. Accomplished, secure, assertive and decisive types are not always appreciated in the Hx bush world. If you're used to running your
  8. Bill, Randy: Very sorry to hear of Doug's plight. He was one of my instructors in 1977-78 and occaisonally ever since. And now and again I fill in for him, very modestly, at Haines Junction. He is certainly a legend in the North, in helicopter training and in the high altitude rescue world. No one can top his stories. I wish the best for him and Adaire, thanks for letting us know. Cheers . . . . Spring Harrison
  9. So here we are again - "But the other pilot always flew in this." So hire him back if he's so good. One of our major faults is trying too hard to please and not saying no. Better support from management? All pilots have different limits, even on different days. We've never really succeeded at selling those ideas well or getting support if we tried.
  10. I've found the "My Documents" concept to be one of the many curses visited upon us by Microsoft and Windows. I religiously put all my data files (since 1982) in C:\data\... . The facilitates both finding things again and backing up data. I almost never accept the default Save location especially if it is in with the program's own files! Track down that Track Compression tool - it is amazing. Cheers .. . . . .
  11. You're welcome! GPS utility has a very powerful tool for decimating track logs, ie. shrinking them to fit the memory limits of the 296. It is hard to find but worth the look. Try looking in the upper menu list while a track log is active in either the map window or, more likely, the table window. Or right-click on various things. You will find an option to intelligently reduce the number of track points but limiting the straightening of the new track to lie within a user selected buffer zone. The result is very few points on road tangents but lots on the turns so the actual location i
  12. I undertake lots of GPS/GIS projects and am frequently translating files. GPS Utility from the UK is very powerful. A bit quirky to find the function you may be needing but file translation is quite simple. There's both a free and paid version, good value either way. Link here: http://gpsu.co.uk/index.html Program notes from their website: "Please feel free to try out the freeware version of GPS Utility before you register. This is more or less fully functional and it is not time limited. Remember that it is limited in capacity (100 waypoints, 500 trackpoints, 5 routes), but th
  13. How do you know that it's good advice? This is going from bad to worse. If you don't want a new grad, why not just ask?
  14. So if VIH has just sold 12 with maybe more to follow, what will be left? Just the heavies? Or just the OC? This is reminiscent of the last days of NMH, seems ironic.
  15. Charts and GPS both for sure. And spare batteries although I usually can tap into ship's power or the company unit is usually hardwired. As does Whitestone,I usually do cross-country planning with the Garmin or other software and upload it to the GPS. May print the output for reference also. Recently I was dispatched to Arizona to pick up a Hughes 500. It was planned as a two ship ferry with the US pilot in the lead heading North. Our map package of course got lost but he said I didn't need to bother with any maps as he would bird dog me all the way. Of course it wasn't too long befo
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