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  1. 2 on 2 off is my limit. Nice to have half the summer off.
  2. What’s nice about 3 and 3 ?
  3. Good response and the hourly averaging thing is always dubious. I’ve seen companies say that flight pay is in place of extra hours worked. I also new a base manager that was sent an email that said he was not really a manager so was not entitled to the management benefits. Many years later when he left and asked for all his extra hours to be paid he was told that as a manager he was not paid that way. He pulled his old email that stated he was not a manager and burned them for over 10,000 grand. Companies can’t have it both ways although they will always try. Cheers.
  4. Why so hard on yourself? I never called you that. Get a positive attitude it may get you a better rotation.
  5. Here it comes again. Next some pilot will say”we need to band together and start a union. Put our foot down” good luck with that. Go dig ditches for a week. Then think again. Lol
  6. Why is this thread in maintenance?
  7. DG takes three hours. Quit wining about how long it takes to get back in the seat. The paying customer has a right to expect that whoever is flying them is current. Welcome back to the industry. I much prefer working with old timers. Less drama.
  8. It’s actually not a maintenance flight. It’s a test flight that requires a pilot only. Maybe he has 4 more aircraft to work on.
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