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  1. Things must be picking up out there. Haven’t heard any whining lately. Comments?
  2. Fires BC

    Judging by the small number of replies, I think either you are all busy or hate me. Comments?
  3. So I'm curious. Are we getting huge hours on the fires or is everybody sitting?
  4. Actually its what brings me back over and over.
  5. Whatever. You will stay for the chicks and glory.
  6. Happy Easter everyone. As the season gets rolling this is a good time to think about family and friends. Also a good time to reflect on previous bad decisions and how not to make them again this season. Stay safe and have a great season.
  7. Ronny, you rock. I really did not think this thread would last so long. Surprising and judging from some but not all the posts my opinion stands. Ronny, I could not have said it better myself. It seems those that have had other jobs in the real world have a far more realistic view of this Industry than those that started out as pilots or engineers and have been whining ever since. The name given to those pilots and engineers in this market is Unemployed. That may make them even more bitter than usual and it is quite understandable given mortgages, bills, kids etc. But when you walk in the door looking for a job I think it fair to say that a good positive outlook will take you from the interview to the flightline where as bitter attitude will send you walking. Comments?
  8. There should be a LMAO button for zingers like this. Good one!
  9. Notice that not once ever have I called pilots out as being overweight, or alcoholic or useless. I have never disrespected the skills of any pilot I have commented on. It is merely the attitude of some that gets to me. I imagine that I would have been a competent pilot or any other profession that I chose as I have always believed that being committed to the hard work involved would see me through. Short of a brain surgeon or something that takes extraordinary brain power which I will happily admit I could not do.
  10. Using your argument Air traffic controllers being responsible for thousands of people should make millions. Comments? My point is that being a hoe operator traffic controller or ditch digger, no matter what you do be the best you can be at it and you will not only be happy with yourself, comfortable in your own skin, you will more than likely be the guy that stays employed during tough times. If need the security of your piers constantly reassuring you that you are truly a god at what you do then you will unfortunately be the winer that is constantly unhappy and constantly looking for work. Lets face it, sometime in the future you will no longer be able to do what you do. No ;onger a pilot, ATC, engineer or anything. How will you be happy when you can't identify yourself by your profession? Hard work and the knowledge that you did your best at any endeavour is all you have in the end.
  11. Using your argument Air traffic controllers being responsible for thousands of people should make millions. Comments?
  12. Actually you have me all wrong. I certainly don't hate pilots. I merely dont hold them in the same high regard as they hold each other. I would say that 90 % of the pilots I work with are great and think they likewise of me. As to work ethic I have nothing to prove but have worked dilligently in this industry for well over 30 years, have a great reputation within the industry and have never been out of work for more than 1 week in all that time both in good times and bad. Can you say the same? I do certainly like to goad people into debate from time to time but I certainly don't just target pilots. It just seems that some of the people on this site are such easy targets in that they take the hook so easily. Funny euphemism as I don't particularly like fishing.