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  1. Well let’s hope. Never good to see a company go under.
  2. I know nothing. That’s why I asked.
  3. Don’t hold back Shakey. What do you really think?
  4. What. They all want you to move to northern Alberta? Kidding
  5. Anybody hear any rumours about Aurora shutting up shop?
  6. so it’s become apparent in movies, news, advertising and more that drone footage is taking a big slice of what was once heli work. Is anybody here worried? Is anybody here making money using or maintaining drones? Should we be?
  7. Julian Nicholson was the DOM. We used to drive 60 km down to Kap to go to McDonald’s
  8. Yes. The Goslin family owned it. Gary somebody was the ops manager. I worked there.
  9. Actually you have been wasting our time.
  10. The depth of your delusions astounds me.
  11. So is this gonna be a good or bad year for aircrews? It looks like a great year for engineers due to the often talked about shortage which is upon us. Don't sell yourselves short. And go!
  12. Helifor was consistently flying 2400 hrs. Per year per Vertol with one year topping 2600 hrs.
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