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  1. old

    Be nice or be safe?

    It’s actually not a maintenance flight. It’s a test flight that requires a pilot only. Maybe he has 4 more aircraft to work on.
  2. I wasn’t aware that seismic was so busy. Great to hear this portion of the industry is going well. You can’t always rely on fires. B
  3. It seems that everyone must be working and all jobs filled. The jobs site has no new postings or people looking for employment for 5 days. I think this is a good sign. Comments?
  4. old

    A star droop stop ring

    Thanks for the replies
  5. Has anybody seen broken droopstop ring holders break and do u know why it happened?
  6. They are certainly Defiantly lining up. lol
  7. You got nothing. No control over wages, conditions or anything else. the supply and demand for pilots sets the rules. You are fighting with yourself. LOL.
  8. Pilots are leaving the industry because new ones are stacked up out the door to replace them for cheaper. Simple supply and demand. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. old

    Customer Service Reps

    I don’t get where this is coming from
  10. U do realize that they are in it to make money. MONEY. Just like u are. Not to be known as world class citizens.
  11. old


    Thanks for the replies
  12. Just curious. Has anybody had a successful auto relight in flight?
  13. Things must be picking up out there. Haven’t heard any whining lately. Comments?