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  1. They would do it for less if that was the going rate.
  2. I think I enjoyed this website better when all you antivaxers were talking about forming a union. Equally ridiculous but more entertaining.
  3. Your spelling is atrocious. Why am I not surprised?
  4. old

    AME going rate.

    450 to 500 day rate. 60 to 100 per hour
  5. Any news of a 214 down on forest fire duty?
  6. Well let’s hope. Never good to see a company go under.
  7. I know nothing. That’s why I asked.
  8. Don’t hold back Shakey. What do you really think?
  9. What. They all want you to move to northern Alberta? Kidding
  10. Anybody hear any rumours about Aurora shutting up shop?
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