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  1. old


    Chinook in Abbotsford can answer all your questions. It’s a very good school.
  2. I think I heard something squeaking
  3. Anybody have any good things to say on working overseas?
  4. Strap in? No body required. Sling jobs pilotless?watched them do it in Afghanistan with a remote operated husky. Made it look easy.
  5. Deny deny deny. Buggy whip designers said the same thing
  6. Wake up call. I keep hearing pilots tell us that drones will never replace pilots. The tech already exists. It’s the regs that need to catch up. Bye bye pilots.
  7. 2 on 2 off is my limit. Nice to have half the summer off.
  8. What’s nice about 3 and 3 ?
  9. Good response and the hourly averaging thing is always dubious. I’ve seen companies say that flight pay is in place of extra hours worked. I also new a base manager that was sent an email that said he was not really a manager so was not entitled to the management benefits. Many years later when he left and asked for all his extra hours to be paid he was told that as a manager he was not paid that way. He pulled his old email that stated he was not a manager and burned them for over 10,000 grand. Companies can’t have it both ways although they will always try. Cheers.
  10. Why so hard on yourself? I never called you that. Get a positive attitude it may get you a better rotation.
  11. Here it comes again. Next some pilot will say”we need to band together and start a union. Put our foot down” good luck with that. Go dig ditches for a week. Then think again. Lol
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