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  1. Actually you have been wasting our time.
  2. The depth of your delusions astounds me.
  3. So is this gonna be a good or bad year for aircrews? It looks like a great year for engineers due to the often talked about shortage which is upon us. Don't sell yourselves short. And go!
  4. Helifor was consistently flying 2400 hrs. Per year per Vertol with one year topping 2600 hrs.
  5. old


    Chinook in Abbotsford can answer all your questions. It’s a very good school.
  6. I think I heard something squeaking
  7. Anybody have any good things to say on working overseas?
  8. Strap in? No body required. Sling jobs pilotless?watched them do it in Afghanistan with a remote operated husky. Made it look easy.
  9. Deny deny deny. Buggy whip designers said the same thing
  10. Wake up call. I keep hearing pilots tell us that drones will never replace pilots. The tech already exists. It’s the regs that need to catch up. Bye bye pilots.
  11. 2 on 2 off is my limit. Nice to have half the summer off.
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