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  1. This is already the practise in the USA and will be in Canada soon.
  2. Whatever the odds of improving the CARS regarding FDT under the conservatives, I do believe they are much improved under the Liberals. My sense was that pre-election we would see a reduction in the length of the duty tour to 30 or even 21 days and a reduction of the duty day to 12 hours. The Minister of Transportation acted quickly to ban jet traffic from Billy Bishop airport out of consideration for those who live near it, an indication that his concern for the average man is real. It should also be noted that in 2006, just before Commandant Harper assumed his throne, the Liberals compl
  3. I do believe that many are interested but no one seems to find enough motivation to be enthusiastic. I have tried several times to get something going with no results. I think a main reason for this is that many pilots feel that their employers will be greatly prejudiced against them if they join an association or worse, a union. This is contrary to the fact that the employees of several aviation companies have unionized and benefited from it. I constantly lobby TC officials and members of parliament to persuade them to my point of view. This sort of thing is demonstrably effective and
  4. Attached are two communications from TC officials proving that TC pays attention to the concerns of the solitary, ordinary person. The submissions that lead to these communications are quite long but if anyone wants to read them, I will make them available. The issue of the FDT regulations has yet to be settled. The proposed changes to the regulations will be published in the Canada Gazette Part I and the public will have the opportunity to comment. Every pilot who has an interest in seeing the FDT regs revised is urged to write to as many influential individuals as possible. These inc
  5. Hopefully, several pilots will get enthusiastic about this. The results might be quite useful. Submitted data and calculations derived therefrom will be posted on the web site. A complete description can be found at Raging Man.
  6. I meant also to add that any information supplied by anyone to the CAHEPIAS website has been expunged everywhere.
  7. The forum that was part CAHEPIAS was overwhelmed with bogus members. After many days of finding two or three phoney new members, on two consecutive days there were more that 150 bogus registrations and as many bogus posts each day. It took more time than I could spare to clean the mess up and forum was removed. In any event, the objective was to provide a voice for helicopter pilots primarily to comment on the proposed Flight and Duty Time Regulations. The issue was played out on this forum and CARAC produced a proposal for revision of the FDT regs, a version of which will eventually b
  8. Atlas Shrugged is a work of fiction, figments of Ayn Rand's imagination.
  9. I have written CARAC with my support, the extensive argument for which can be examined at http://www.ragingman.com/pilots/.
  10. Engineers and pilots face many of the same issues in the helicopter industry. It is appropriate that any association include them both. The Helicopter Engineer and Pilots Association of Canada (HEPAC), which unfortunately is no longer with us, recognized the importance of the input that engineers can provide. Those interested can register here.
  11. This is not an attempt to form a union. It is intended to be a vehicle through which holders of Canadian helicopter pilots licenses can debate issues important to them, reach a consensus on these issues and take whatever action the group determines to be appropriate. The internet is a fantastic tool for this sort of thing. Essentially, a meeting of the CHPA has begun and it can be continued indefinitely. The posts are an accurate record of proceedings. No minutes need be recorded. There seems to be no need for fees, an executive or a constitution. All members enjoy an equal status.
  12. The College of Professionial Pilots of Canada has been in existance for some years and is perfectly capable of representing helicopter pilots in the manner that these pilots wish. It makes little sense to create another association of helicopter pilots which would only consume time and cost money. The board of the College consists of educated and sophisticated men and women with a great deal of experience in aviation. I believe that membership is a very reasonable $60 a year.
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